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  1. hi Maroondevo52....................correct it is a Halifax Credit Card,what should be my next step.....
  2. Thankyou for the speedy reply, your advice makes sense, Can I deal with Halifax first as they increased my interest rate from 9.5% 4 years ago to (not a special deal) 29.5% 1 year ago I have been fighting them by letter/phone and not winning on the 25th January 2009 I sent a letter with the £1 postal order using the 1974 Credit Act details I have seen posted, as of todays date no reply apart from a Formal Notice stating I am in arrears. Verbally I have stated that they are in default for not sending a copy of the original agreement, do I need to put this in writing,and what will be the next step on my part............ ......thankyou
  3. Hi... .new member.. ..I have spent some considerable time looking at Consumer Forum and have followed various threads and used the advice posted to write to Sainsburys Bank, Halifax bank, HSBC, Barclaycard, asking for CCA I enclosed the postal order for £1, my letters dated 25th January 2009. to date no reply apart from a Formal Notice from Halifax. I get the feeling I should have started a thread back in January and followed advice from the begining. However I hope it is not to late to ask what is the next step that I should take as I am keen to find out if the CCAs are unenforcable..... .....HELP
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