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  1. As I have already stated the ICO have been involved and there is a FINAL letter going of to the bank concerned,HOWEVER my question concerns the lack of responsibility taken by the CRAs,they are getting away without being RESPONSIBLE for any of the data they publish and that is not right in my opinion FS
  2. Bazooka,thanks for your reply , I have all the relevant documentation , although I didn't put this in the post above, also in writing from the bank in response to my SAR May 2009 I have the letter that states they are unable to find any documentation regarding this loan account, so the account is also Statute Barred as well, I have advised Equifax and the Bank of these facts, and each time I write to them I make it very clear that my letter does not acknowledge the existence of the account, so naturally I haven't paid a single penny for nearly 8 years. Have made an online complaint to ICO, and as you suggest I will send one final letter stating removal within 7 days or I will seek a Legal Remedy Again thanks for your help FS
  3. I am sure somebody has asked this question,but I cannot find it. Why are CRAs allowed to record data from a third party (ie Bank) and yet take no responsibility for that data, as to whether it is true and does not contravene ICO REGS ,FCA REGS as an example I have a long running battle with Equifax, to remove incorrect data, I have approached the bank/and Equifax 3 times, the bank say NO, Equifax state the bank refuse to remove the data and they are only acting on instructions, the default was issued Feb 2009, so according to ICO should not show on any CRA file, and Equifax are not interested at all that I can prove the default date in writing. Because I don't pay them anything I assume FS
  4. dx100 yes thank you, I will add the default notice letter FS
  5. dx100,thanks for your reply,I will put this in writing and as you suggest give them 14 days to react, Thank you FS
  6. Bazooka Boo thank you for your reply,I will follow your advice regards FS
  7. I received a letter of Default from the bank, 8 years ago and then over the subsequent months arranged to pay the bank back through CCCS/Stepchange, DMP,. 4 years ago my ability to pay the original monthly agreed amount became impossible and through Stepchange agreed a much smaller payment amount which was accepted, I have been paying the DMP for nearly 8 years, and it was my understanding that even though I still have the debt and have been paying the bank back after 6 years it would drop of my Credit File?? FS
  8. Hi dx100uk thanks for your reply, it was defaulted 8 years ago, and I agreed to pay a specific amount which they accepted through CCCS/Stepchange, although the amount they show as a monthly payment on credit file's is the amount I was paying 4 years ago, today I only pay £5 per month,with their agreement through Stepchange. Do you feel they should still be showing the details on any credit file? FS
  9. can I just confirm how accurate this statement is from a bank. I asked the bank to remove all details from all Credit Files as the debt in question is now 8 years old and regular payments have been made. Bank reply "Our records indicate your account is still open and currently in debt hence we are unable to amend your credit file" Is the bank correct or incorrect thanks in advance FS
  10. ericsbrother,thanks for your answers,'unfair processing of data",covers the problem I have with one of the banks,will proceed down this route FS
  11. Would like to ask the 3 questions reference CRAs (1) Statute Barred = 6 years of NO payments,NO acknowledgement of debt,Creditor cannot apply for a CCJ.and CRA/Creditor not allowed to register the debt,although the debt still exists you do not have to pay anything. (2) a Debt that you are still paying back with an amount outstanding,after 6 years CRA/Creditor not allowed to register the debt. (3)a Debt that you are still paying and the Creditor states NO DEFAULT ever registered,still not able to register on CRA after 6 years Can the experts just clarify that these statements are correct FS
  12. Yes as already stated you are more than covered by CRA,if you purchased the phone from Apple then they are fully aware of the Law in the UK and make it very clear in their T&Cs,however I feel the purchase was made through Vodaphone?????who are also aware of the Law they are just trying it on as usual FS
  13. Sorry for the late reply....Thank you for your various responses,perhaps it would just be sensible not to pursue this complaint Thanks very much FS
  14. Supplier EDF, UK Power look after the underground cables, we called EDF regarding our supply ,the lights in our cottage are dull and not at any specific time of day, UK Power came out and installed a test meter, for 1 week, the result was we are only getting 210volts up to 220 volts, they allow 230volts as an acceptable supply level not the 240volts that most of us accept as the norm. The result will be at some stage a new cable will be installed in our country lane but no idea when. I asked UK Power, did this mean that we have to have our cooker,fridge/freezer on longer to achieve what would be accepted as normal cooking, freezing, times etc, the engineer stated yes that would be the case, but if you are thinking of claiming any form of financial refund from your supplier, forget it we will not entertain it, I think this is unacceptable, as it means our electricity bills are higher as the appliances are on for longer due to inadequate supply. Any body with knowledge on this subject,your thoughts would be appreciated FS
  15. Andy.. Will do,makes sense to be prepared,have already checked to ensure Natwest have never quoted the loan account number to the Debt Management Company,and the answer is never thanks for your help FS
  16. Andy thanks for your reply I will instruct the DMP to ensure they only pay that (current account) number,and as you suggest when the day arrives I will stop paying Natwest anything Regards FS
  17. Andy Hi,they Natwest only quote the current account number,there is no mention of the loan account anywhere,and then each year I get a statement for the Loan account,and the amount has remained the same for over 7 years.However Natwest state it is part of a debt and they Natwest Recovery always add all debts together,and will not accept that the loan account is Statute Barred. thanks FS
  18. thanks for your reply, going to pursue this as I do not think they are allowed to do this as in the loan account case they do not have an agreement copy that they can produce FS
  19. Quick question, can my bank put 2 accounts (loan account and current account) under one number for collection purposes but still send separate yearly statements?? thanks FS
  20. with Natwest I have 2 accounts one a loan account the other a current account, I pay a small amount through a Free Debt Management Company . Natwest Recoveries have lumped the 2 accounts together, but still send separate statements once a year, they only deduct my payments from the current account, therefore the loan account amount has stayed the same for 7 years, I have not contacted them for 6 years regarding the Loan Account. suddenly the loan account amount has appeared on a CRA. I asked Natwest why?, their reply was it is part of a debt, to which my reply was I have not paid 1p into the account and it is statute barred, they reply NO they have joined the 2 debts together, as that is what they always do. CAN THEY DO THIS, I did not at this point mention the fact that they cannot produce an agreement for the loan account. Sorry if I have been down this road in the past, just trying to get up to date with the law/legislation FS
  21. Thanks OK will try when receive replies FS
  22. Thanks for your help I will TRY and upload the results from BC and Link when I receive replies Thank you FS
  23. Many thanks, yes all debts have been approached for CCA requests and have received them, SAR requested where applicable thank you FS
  24. dx...No link have not entered a default yet FS
  25. More information I have been paying Barclaycard and now Link for over 7 years ,managed to get PPI from Barclaycard who took the money to help pay of the debt. Because of a number of debts I have I did not really check my CRA's until 2015 and Barclaycard did not appear, this is why I am surprised that Link have now registered a debt with CRA FS
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