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  1. ROB and GICK.I have received the answers regarding my Fiesta from Hammy,THUS I WILL DROP OF THE RADAR thanks FS
  2. Got an insulting email today,they have NO KNOWLEDGE of any problems with the automatic gearbox on my vehicle if there was then a recall would be in place, further anything I have read on the internet,they cannot comment on. My reply as you can imagine was just short of Furious fs
  3. rob667 emailed them just a few days ago, got a quick response but only to ask Reg, name address etc and how they could contact me, I sent a reply, NOW it's all gone quiet, which I suspected it would. Will keep in touch as things happen IF ANYTHING good luck FS
  4. I have a Fiesta 2012 model auto gearbox with the same shuddering problem.Like your self done a lot of research and as you have found the USA have had replacement parts and warranty extended to 10 years.I think in Australia there is a legal challenge being made against Ford over the fact there has not been a recall and free replacement box.I have emailed Ford UK and so far they have responded just to get Reg Number and name and address, still waiting for next response.This is a worldwide problem on Fiesta and Focus Auto gearboxes.How the hell they have got away without a recall in the UK I am not sure.Will keep pursuing Ford...GOOD LUCK FS
  5. Posted the document on line,I felt it was a copy of an application form,although it was headed Agreeement with APR missing,the T&Cs where on the back of the form.However I will ask Cabot to produce the document by way of a CCA request and see what they come up with.I just get the feeling that as Cabot have made 2 x70% discount offer over the last 12 months that there is something wrong with documentation, maybe,or are they just wanting to be Nice which is doubtful fs
  6. dx thanks for the old details for Sainsbury now Cabot,they did manage to produce a the correct documentation eventually as indicated in the posts. thanks fs
  7. Yes Free DMP,cannot remember when account opened well over 10 years ago FS
  8. Hi UB57,you are right a CCA request might be the best way forward.I am sure I would have done this with Sainsbury some years ago but as I destroyed the file by accident I cannot be sure,certainly never asked Cabot for CCA Thanks FS
  9. Opinions...... Have an old debt (Sainsbury) now owned by Cabot I pay them through DMP. Cabot have made 2 offers over the last year of a 70% reduction if I make a one of payment,to settle the account. Not doing this as we are all aware they will sell the balance owing to another Company. I have destroyed my Sainsbury File by accident and cannot remember as to whether I did an SAR, My Opinion is if Cabot keep making offers,there is something wrong with the documentation or lack of it,or am I guessing wrong ??? FS
  10. They claim they have not had a pay rise since 2008,suggest you look at their exoenses.They are also Public Servants and have been the subject in the period 2008 to 2017 to NIL pay rises or and a 1% cap from 2012.As usual Kent County Council are not good at SUMS,15% rise is way beyond the Governments policy for Public Sector Workers.Let us not forget we already subsidise their pensions through Income Tax and Council Tax.When asked to produce the exact figures covered by subsidies of pensions they where unable to produce any figures FS
  11. Jason Hi...It would appear that Arrow Global using Shoosmiths as their mouthpiece have purchased a parcel of old debts and are chancing their arm.There are 4 or 5 of us in the same position indicated in your opening Post.I am sure they have not produced any Letters of Assignment to you,have they????? FS
  12. Old Cogger Hi yes greedy buggers, read one of your comments yesterday.Pre 1975 if you served in the Armed Forces No Pension,did 9 years in the RN late 50s,through into late 60s,and do not qualify. FS
  13. Because of Final Salary Pensions still being used by Royal Mail,by 2018 their Pension Scheme will go into deficit .THEN WHO IS GOING TO PAY THE SHORTFALL??? Shareholders for starters or will this be another Organisation that will have to be subsidised by the Many many millions of other taxpayers?
  14. Robbie73w Have you at any stage received a Letter of Assignment from Arrow/Shoosmiths,or from the original Mortgage Company?? Firstship
  15. Thanks for your replies,I am holding my draft until Shoosmiths come up with an Assignment Letter if at all FS
  16. I have prepared a draft to send to Shoosmiths, before I do I have a question regarding CMA. when the debt was sold to Phoenix and now Arrow Global , does all of the original agreements with the original owner of the debt ie; the Mortgage company apply to the new owners in this case, as the Mortgage Company was a member of the CMA and agreed that Shortfalls would not be chased down after 6 years as also indicated by UB67??? FS
  17. UB67 many many thanks for your reply, my research turned up similar information, however I like the approach to Shoosmiths you have indicated and will proceed along these lines. I think Arrow/Shoosmiths are just chancers, but they have a nasty track record as indicated on this site, so obviously I am a little concerned. thanks again FS
  18. I appreciate Arrow via Shoosmiths are trying to fleece me, I am trying to be prepared for any future demands from either company, that is why I am trying to understand is this alleged debt Statute Barred, because of the complicated 6year/12year rules. Further these 2 companies state that the Mortgage was with the Mortgage Corporation ,who no longer exist, the debt was sold on three times ending up with Phoenix, who no longer exist, so their statement in writing which states the debt is with Mortgage Corporation is not true FS
  19. I have researched the above and it is very confusing. If the amount outstanding is Interest Only then 6 years apply, if Capital 12 years apply, If the owner of the debt is a member of the Mortgage Organisation then Shortfalls 6 years apply. As Shoosmiths are just making demands on behalf of Arrow and not supplying any information, which I have demanded they do. My worry is this debt has been sold on at least 3 times and I have paid nothing and made no contact for about 8/9 years. Still have the letter from AR UK their client Phoenix the debt owner wrote stating their client no longer wished to take any further action. Any ideas Thanks FS
  20. Further question if a house/flat has been repossessed and there is a mortgage shortfall does 12 years apply or does 6 years apply for Statute Barred? thanks FS
  21. UB67 thanks for your reply, will do exactly as you suggest as I am getting really annoyed with Shoosmiths regards FS
  22. Received a letter today from Shoosmiths, stating that their client Arrow Global require us to submit details of our current circumstances and they require us to fill in an income and expenditure form,which I will refuse to do. Arrow have not submitted a Letter of Assignment neither has the owner of the debt submitted a Letter of Assignment. I think this demand from Shoosmiths is getting very close to Harrisment ,any body have an opinion on this FS
  23. UB67 Many thanks for your reply, I will hang on to the letter going back 7 years,and submit it to them dependant on their next letter. I still think as there is NO letter of Assignment, then NO response from me is required thanks FS
  24. Shoosmiths have advised me that as I have not responded to their letter they are Consulting their client to produce further information.Which from memory is a standard reply? There has been NO Assignment Letters from Arrow or from the previous owner of the debt, Shoosmiths state in their letter that Mortgage Corporation where the owners, which is not the case.No Assignment letter from Arrow or Debt owner,are they required to produce the Letters of Assignment before making any claims of any debt outstanding???? FS
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