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  1. hi my sons has a every day loan not sure why they gave it to him he only ever worked 3 months security job he has severe anxiety and colitis he's now waiting pip and he's now on universal credit 

    he has amassed 15 0000 in loans  debts management say they can not put payment plan together as he's not working or making enough money they have advised him to open new bank account close bank account where he has another loan  any assistance would be appreciated. 

    1. unclebulgaria67


      Suggest that for each loan application an SAR is made to see what information was provided to take out the loan. And to see how the loan provider dealt with the application. You would want to see that your Son provided accurate information and it is just poor lending decisions being made. The SAR's are now free, so no cost apart from any postage. 


      Yes open an new basic bank account with a bank where no debt is owed. Make sure any money including benefits is paid into new account. 


      In the CAG library, there are letters which can be sent to creditors. He could cancel any direct debit payments and offer say £1 a month to each. He would advise of his ill health with no current employment income, as the reason for this.

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