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  1. EXCELLENT. Abbey have got my money back. Great stuff
  2. I'm still waiting to hear from my bank. Hopefully it should be in the next few days. As for THEM. Impossible to speak to anyone
  3. I'm guessing the information I received from The Financial Ombudsman is correct, although going by this company I'm not so sure
  4. I have the reg as 05473340. These people are all over the place. The more research I do on them the more addresses and names I find for the exact same company. Just found another address from the Business Database Carter Place Gisborne Close Staveley S43 3JT They are like leeches. They are everywhere. yuck
  5. This company are going by sooooo many names it's hard to keep up with them. I guess that's their idea. The number I have is 0870 770 7755
  6. Ok. I received a letter today from Financial Ombudsman. This company's address is not the one on websites but this one: The Loan Group Limited Ambrose House Broombank Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 9QJ
  7. My bank say they will have the money back in my account within 5-7 days. I hope so. Has anybody else tried their bank to see if they can help. Apparently if no PIN number is entered with the transaction you are pretty much covered. These people NEED STOPPED NOW
  8. I also have had dealings with this company. They took £99.99 from my account without my knowledge or consent. I have filed complaints with Watchdog Financial Ombudsman Trading Standards Commissions Office My Bank They need to be stopped. THIEVES
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