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  1. Hi fkofilee It was a month late because i didn't know the interest was on there and they didn't write to me or email to say there was an outstanding payment on £3.68 on there. Its a real shame as we worked so hard for 2 years to clear our files because we wanted to move, we are now in the process and it has affected who we can borrow from for our mortgage.
  2. Hi there I got a late payment entry put on my now clean credit file back in July. I tried disputing this because it was for an amount of £3.60 which was interest that was put on the account after the full amount was settled. They refused to remove it so i shut the account down. Just looked at my credit file again and they have now moved the late payment date from July to Aug.. When i have an email from them saying the late payment and fee was for June/July, why would they have changed it and are they allowed to do that? They told me they promote sensible lending but l
  3. Hi after a really long 6 years with 3 defaults on each of mine and my husbands credit file we are very nearly free from them. The last default dropped of my husbands file was in July and my last one will fall on in Jan. My question is how long does it take for our credit scores to go up? My husbands has gone up slightly but not much. We make all payments for credit on time so no late payments or anything showing. We would like to move next year but worried that we will get turned down for a remortgage unless our ratings go up. Any Adv
  4. Hi Guys Back in Feb i booked flights to spain and the flights are in 3 weeks. I paid a higher price to have ealier flight times at 6pm as i didnt want the later flight because i have 2 young children. I got an email this morning to say my flights had now changed to 20.40 so 2hrs40mins later. No apologies just said that i could get a refund.Which im not going to do as the refund will probably take a week to get to me and i dont have the money to book more flights without it. This is a huge inconvinence to us as not only did we pay the extra for the earlier flight, but will now cos
  5. I will be keeping an eye on your thread as I have just had a call this evening from priestly crow telling me the same. I sent a letter over a year ago to James findley and didn't get a reply as j know I'm owed PPI.
  6. They emailed me again to say I can take photos and send them to the liability dept who will deal with my complaint. I will try the photos again today. Not sure why they didn't give me that option in the first place. Or are they just passing the buck again? Shocking.
  7. Its Hoover/Candy that sent the engineer out to me. I think the tumble dryer was about £380 i need to have a look for the exact amount. I have tried taking photos but because its shiney and black they dont come out very good, they did send an engineer out on Monday who took photos. The dryer is in my kitchen. I spoke to Citizen advice and doesnt look like i have a leg to stand on. Here are the emails, sorry it makes this post very long My first email to complain: I would like to make a complaint about the customer service i have recently experienced from
  8. Hi Not sure if i have come to the correct group for this. I bought a tumble dryer from hoover 6 months ago and something went wrong with it last week so i called out an engineer. After taking the whole dryer apart the engineer discovered the problem and ordered a part. When the engineer left i noticed a lot of deep big scratces along the sides of the dryer which wasnt there before, my dryer is stand alone and doesnt touch any sides so it couldnt be scratched any other way. the enginner didnt use blankets or anything and i have a tiled floor which would easily scratch a shiney black surfac
  9. It has a Red D Sept 2010 I can't see before that date so it looks like that was the start of the default. When I look at the other defaults I can see as far back as 2009 when the default started. This one would have been the first out if 3 to fall of his credit file.
  10. Hi I have been checking my husbands credit file this morning and seems the default date has changed. SB was supposed to be Aug 2015 now seems the default date has changed to Sept 2010 which makes it SB in 2016. There is nothing showing before that date. I didn't think they could change the default date???? k Thanks
  11. Thanks Guys. HB I can't see the link. My mortgage is with a high street bank I will speak to them first. Cheers
  12. How would I find such a broker? And us this after my defaults have dropped off? If so how long would I need to wait before I applied? Thanks
  13. Hi there Myself and my husband got into some financial trouble 5 years ago which lead to some defaults. As of next year all the defaults will be due to drop off our credit files. We currently have a mortgage with no arrears for the past 3 years. We really would like to move in the next couple of years and was wondering how long after defaults are removed will a lender consider allowing us to sell and buy? Is there mortgage brokers that WILL consider applications with poor credit? Thanks
  14. Thanks DX. Strange how they have only just decided to do this.
  15. Today I have received a "statement of your account" from Cabot. I have never had one of these in the 5 years the account has been in dispute.. With it is a notice of arrears letter tells me how much is owed and when the account was opened. They have also included a payment slip. Does this mean the account has been past back to Cabot? Do I ignore this as well? They are not giving up.. amazes me that they don't make any contact for over a year and now I get one of these from them. Also isn't this something that is sent before it goes to DCA's and Solicitors? Seems to have gone backwards. ?
  16. I know your right dx. Ok no more letters ignore ignore ignore
  17. I have an update. Sorry DX I did respond to their letter as i was really trying to avoid getting the SD. And I wanted to remind them that we didn't recognise the debt and there was no signed agreement to prove it was my husbands debt. I asked them to go back to their client and ask for it. They sent me a bog standard copy with no signature or date, so I sent a letter back to say this and told them to bog off in not so many words. Got a letter back today saying "the agreement provided to me is a reconstituted agreement. There is no requirement to supply
  18. Because it might do damage or because there is just no point in wasting my time?
  19. Yes we do own a property. Do you think I should write to them to let them know that I'm still waiting for the CCA or not bother? I could really do without the stress of waiting to see if a SD lands on my doorstep.
  20. Just noticed on the bottom of the letter it says: Should we not hear from you within 14 days the Statutory Demand maybe issued without further notice. So they are saying MAYBE if they were serious wouldn't they say WILL???
  21. Ok I have read the other post on these letters and now getting worried about it. Although they have never produced a CCA for this account are we saying that I could fight the BK in the hope we win??? As there is no evidence yet that this company has not actually gone ahead with the threat could we be the first?
  22. That's good news. Does that mean they will stop chasing?
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