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  1. Hi looking for a bit more advice on this one. I never sent a CCA request to the OC in regards to this loan and I still have never received any CCA. However on checking my credit report I have noticed that they have placed a default in 2006, 2 years after stopping paying them. In the mean time they have no correspondence asking for repayment. What should we do as I would like to get the default cleared as I think it was unfair that they defaulted 2 years later without notifying me of the default.
  2. Hi SW I am in the same position as you with my partner and I having several debts with different creditors. Don't despair, follow the advice of the fellow Caggers above. The advice and support is invaluable and I have finally taking control. Good Luck
  3. Sorry its DX Just had a thought can we claim back the money we have paid them or is it a case of learn from your mistakes and write it off. purple
  4. Thanks DP Have cancelled the direct debit and hopefully won't be paying any money to Apex again. We did however ask them to prove it when we first started dealing with them, but we never did it in writing til now. Hopefully that is one DCA off our backs until the next one. But now I know what to do, I will writing a CCA letter to all the DCA's that try to collect this debt. purple:)
  5. Need some help. Apex have closed the account and refer it back to original creditor. Have still not seen a reply from OC. Should I send a CCA letter or in dispute letter to original creditor. Or do I do nothing and see what happens. Regards purple
  6. Thanks Madasmuppet for clarifying that the 30 day limit no longer applies. I have read through so many posts and when you go to look for the info you need some how you can never find it. Will send account in dispute letter tomorrow.
  7. Thanks Sam Have requested credit file from Experian, hopefully they have removed their default. Should I also request credit files from other credit agencies, if so which ones? Purple
  8. I requested the CCA as we were previously paying the OC for a loan and CC through a DMP with CCCS. My partner and I decided to go it alone and phoned OC who put us in contact with Apex and was told that the amount owing was for both the loan and CC. However Lowell started chasing payment for monies owed to the OC as well. (another thread started) Have sent CCA request to them as well as was confused to who we should be paying. To date I have received no reply.
  9. Have sent a CCA request to APEX and have had the following reply with the PO returned. Further to our letter dated xx/xx/xxxx, the contents have been noted. Apex Credit Management are not the data holding branch and are therefore not obliged to supply the data you have requested, this information should be requested from our clients. As a gesture of goodwill I have contacted our clients to obtain documentation, however our clients are unable to supply the data in the time-frame remaining. I have today closed your account with ourselves and returned your file back to OC. Please
  10. Am still waiting a reply, not even a letter asking why we have not paid them. Am requesting CF to see if default has been removed. Not holding my breath!
  11. Thanks all for your replies. Any chance you might have seen my reply flying past as I am still waiting!! Should I now send a dispute letter or should I wait for the 30 days deadline.
  12. Thanks Blueda for your reply. It is quite nerve racking sending CCA requests as you don't know what the outcome will be, however have been reassured with the outcome of many others on the site. Decided to use the Rosyth address, we will wait and see if we get a reply.
  13. On holiday today and am trying to get the ball rolling in regards to getting a CCA, etc. Looking at the letter from RWay I notice that they only quote one account number, I know in the previous threads I have said that I know that this is for 2 loans and an overdraft, but I don't I have this in writing from RWay. My question is should I send one letter & £1 PO in regard to the one account number they are refering to, or should I be proactive and send £2 as I know that it covers two accounts. Any suggestions?
  14. I am writing a letter requesting a copy of my CCA in regards to a debt with BOS. Has anyone ever had an unenforceable CCA from them or received a copy from them. Have been making payments for several years now and it will probably be another several years before it is paid off. Also on their letters they have two addresses one at Rosyth, Fife and the other is Manchester. Which one should I use to send my request to? Any help greatly appreciated. purple
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