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  1. Hello all, My Mother has got behind on Council Tax payments and has been issued with a court summons for Friday. I want to avoid court, so I was wondering what I could do to help her? I was thinking of writing out an income/expenditure list and a letter explaining why she got behind and how she will be able to start repayments soon due to a change in circumstances. If this was done, do you think court would be avoided? Or should I simply prepare this information for the court day? Many Thanks DC
  2. Just a quick one - can anyone try asking them if they can pay by instalments? I asked once and they said that they charge £5 a month to do so.... I offered £5 a month before they said that!
  3. They sent the official 'deed of assignment' (I think that's what it's called - it's with the solicitor now). Mind yuo, they only bought it after 18 months of chasing me - which means that it was harrassment until they bought it doesn't it? Also, they sent me letters despite my insistance that they contact my solicitor only... Might issue a counter-claim. Any ideas what to do?
  4. Hi Guys, I could be heading for a first here - CRS have actually bought my alleged debt! Which means I am now waiting for court I think... DC
  5. Hi there, I'd actually dispute that. They have no authority to collect debts if they do not have the contract and if they haven't bought the debt from the gym company. That's why I would dispute their authority overall. What they are doing is effectively illegal but no one has the time or money to deal with them, including the OFT. Without the above, they simply cannot win in court unless by default (ie if you don't turn up). I did not dispute that I may owe some money, but the charges they have added are not only disproportionate but also illegal as they do not have the right t
  6. Hi, I've been dealing with these numpties for ages. Here's what i suggest you do: 1. Send a letter asking if they own the debt and if so is it a credit agreement. 2. Await their response. 3. Come back here once you have a response. Let us know what they have said. 4. DON'T PANICK!!! THEY CAN'T WIN - THEY ARE BLUFFING. All they want is your money. By the way, this will probably take a long while. I had to wait ages (about 6 weeks!) for any response. Cheers DC
  7. Finish paying my Welcome Loan in bout 2 months. Hope they go bust before then. That'll be why they called me for paying off early then eh?!!!
  8. Make sure that you send them a letter stating that if they are to take you to court it had better be somewhere close to you. If they take you to court in the town they are based, send a letter to the court explaining this with a copy of the letter you sent them attached, otherwise they win by default which is what they want. As for me, haven't heard anything because it's with the solicitors and has been for over 2 months now.
  9. Used to be Eastwood and Sauders I think, but it's merged and changed its name: The Elland Brewery Lovely beer. Cr@p website!
  10. I'm with you on that... Love a proper beer. Never touch lagers like Carlsberg and the usual - maybe I'll have the odd Leffe if I do, but generally I love a proper dark beer. Quite like XXXB and I love the beer at the pub my mum works at - real Yorkshire Ale. Ever heard of Eastwoods Brewery?
  11. Was an accident - I didn't mean that. Just want to be clear that I don't condone anything that has happened, mearly that I genuinely beleive that some people enter politics for the right reason. Think I've been put off though... EDIT: Here is the report to back up what I said. Rarely reported: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8048215.stm
  12. I wish I knew. You're all probably going to hate me, but I have always harboured ambitions to get into politics because I feel that I'd like to do some good. Geniunely - like many MP's in the Commons. I'm from a poor background, and I'd like to think that perhaps I have a bit of something about me that means I could make good decisions for people. So for me, this whole episode has really upset and annoyed me. Simply because, if I say to anyone 'I want to do good' it's now going to be interpreted as 'I want the best FOR ME'. They've done more damage to the reputation of politics than
  13. Looking forward to Question Time on BBC1 tonight... Gonna be a good 'un I think!!!:twisted:
  14. You might be interested to know that I'm having sausages tonight! Just cooking now. Smells yummy! Still no Mrs dc around right now to enjoy them with me though...
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