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  1. I won my TDS claim last week. The LL did not turm up for the hearing. But he submitted counter claim along with the documents he submitted for the hearing. But none of it worked. At the time of the hearing the admin lady took me to the Judge's room and informed the judge that defendant has not come. It appered to me that before the hearing the judge only read through the original claim form of mine and the claim receipt submitted LL within which he mentioned his initial objection. And also one of the previous order passed by the other judge which rejected the LL's initial objection after reviewing the the evidences I had submitted to prove how unture was LL's initial objection to the claim. The judge asked me to explain my claim and I took the permission of the judge to give a brief history of the claim as well just to put a good impression i.e. why I had to come file a claim and also I tried to solve the matter by sending him 'letter before action' as well. but he ignored LAB and TDS law as well. The judge had the page of the law book open infront of her and said she would have to follow the law and penalise the LL. and confimed with me that I am claiming for original depost+ 3* the original deposit. And she started making notes in her book but then I took her permission to speak again and mentioned that I am not just claiming for the above but also for the interst rate upto the hearing day + the relevant court fees through out the claim + my attendance cost. And she agreed to all and awarded whatever I was claiming. Judgement was entered against LL and if the money is not recieved within 14 days I can enforce it. I am very much sure that my LL wont give money within the time limit so I am going to prepare for the enforcement procedure soon. I will be very happy to get any advice about the enforcement procedure. Send me PM if someone need any more info about my claim. link to my forums: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/residential-commercial-lettings/218621-advice-hearing.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/residential-commercial-lettings/189659-advice-n208.html This consumer group has helped me a lot . I am very thankful for the support and advice I received. Thank you all.
  2. I won the claim. will put the details later. Thanks for all the support and advice. This web forum/group rocks.
  3. Link to 'Part 20 COUNTERCLAIMS AND OTHER ADDITIONAL CLAIMS' : PART 20 - COUNTERCLAIMS AND OTHER ADDITIONAL CLAIMS - Ministry of Justice The court has not issued his counter claim yet as he is yet to submit the court fee for it. As far as I know he never seeked the permission from the judge - his counter claim has not reached the judge yet. The reason being we were both gived the date by which we had to submit any documents that we want to rely upon for the hearing. And he had submitted his counter claim along with his documentation for hearing. I phoned the court to see if they have recieved my documents. And at that time I was only informed that they are also awaiting for the fees from the defendant. So I am not sure if judge would accept the late submission of his counter claim or wether I could argue on the basis of the PART 20- 20.4
  4. The LL/defendant has filed a counter claim just 14 days before the hearing and I came to know about this 4 days before the hearing through court. I believe he is doing it as he might have relaised that he has no escape from the penalty and hence to compensate the penalty he is trying to couter claim for some amount using untrue matters and all. I have enough evidneces to fight that but wanted to know whether he has any right to file it now without court's permission. As the 'Part 20 COUNTERCLAIMS AND OTHER ADDITIONAL CLAIMS' 20.4 says this: (1) A defendant may make a counterclaim against a claimant by filing particulars of the counterclaim. (2) A defendant may make a counterclaim against a claimant – (a) without the court’s permission if he files it with his defence; or (b) at any other time with the court’s permission. (Part 15 makes provision for a defence to a claim and applies to a defence to a counterclaim by virtue of rule 20.3). (3) Part 10 (acknowledgment of service) does not apply to a claimant who wishes to defend a counterclaim. Is it applicable to my TDS claim as well?
  5. Thanks misselle, After reading the reply of 'Mr Pipps' I felt really bad for this whole consumer action group. On this web group people come with their problem to get advice, find solutions and some information to fight the injustise and the mistreatment that they received. And now here we get people like Mr. Pipps who either try to make fun of others by his rude/ offensive comments or by insulting others on this group. I noticed this behaviour in some of the other forums as well but unfortunately this world is not fair and we do have to live up with this type of people. People come for advice and support but this type of people can not be of any help but would certainly do harm. Beware of them. Its just best to ignore their comments. Well, As I mentioned earlier I created this forum to get tips such as, what not to do - that could displease the judge. and what things are to follow to make effective impression.
  6. I just want to get some useful tips from others experience which can make things easier and effective.
  7. Update: Its my hearing this week, to discuss and get advice I have created new forum for Hearing. Please find the link below. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/residential-commercial-lettings/218621-advice-hearing.html
  8. Hi, It is my hearing this week. I would really appreciate advice or suggestions, not just from the court experienced people but from any one who has the knowledge of hearing procedures, behaviour requirement, talking manners, documents handling etc. Please reply soon. I am bit nervous at the moment. Please help. And one more thing I came to know is that the LL has filed a counter claim. the things he is going to bring are all untrue. I have just been told that counter claim will also be heard at the same time as my TDS claim hearing. Link to my previous thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/residential-commercial-lettings/189659-advice-n208-3.html Please reply soon.
  9. Thanks for the replies. But I am suspecting from his e-mails to me that he is going to prepare a letter addressing to the judge mentioning all the untrue damages and losses etc. but with witness statement etc. even the though the matter he is making up is completely untrue but unfortunately there are people who would write and sign for him. Is there any offcial rule that I can refer to point out the fact that he can not claim any money therough this cliam as it was submitted by me. And he will have to file a separate one if he wishes to..
  10. Hi DisgruntledTenant, thanks for the reply. Could you please reply to the PM I sent you, regarding the details of 6 TDS cases that you have. plz reply soon.
  11. My LL has offered me the original deposit only. I have not accepted his offeres so now he is saying that he will submit counter claim and will claim for loss and damges I have made (which is completly untrue) during the tenancy, his time for attending the court etc. Can he claim any money through counter claim. Does he not have to submit separate claim for damages etc. if he wishes to ??? As this claim is for TDS non-compliance and it is submitted by me. for info: I left the place in much better condition than what was given to me. I am not worried that he is trying to counter claim but as he is untruly trying to claim damages and trying to scare me. So I wanted to know that is it that easy for him to do? Does not he also have to go through the new claim process if he wants me to scare!!!!
  12. I have filed using the N208 few months ago. and my hearing is not far off. My LL has not made any counter claim yet but is saying that he will do one if I go to the court and do not accept his offer of original deposit only!!
  13. Update: I have got the hearing date. that is very soon. judge has ordered us (tenanat and LL) to settle the matter outside and agree upon the cost. my LL offred me onlt the original deposit which is a joke really. in response i mentioned how much I am claiming for and asked him to give me any good offer. But in reply: he came back saying that i misused that certain thing and he had to replaced it. and mentioned that if i proceed to court then he will claim for the property charges and repair cost etc. can he claim for the repair cost etc? even if he did not protect the deposit.?? PS:I did not damage anything by the way. he says he will get the witness statement etc. Thanks.
  14. Well earlier I had response on this matter that was bit different. I would appreciate if you could throw some light on it and advice. Earlier response: " Part 56 (now covering s.214 HA 2004 claims) states at 56.2: "The claim must be started in the county court for the district in which the land is situated unless paragraph (2) applies or an enactment provides otherwise" [paragraph (2) relates to claims in the High Court] PART 56 - LANDLORD AND TENANT CLAIMS AND MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS ABOUT LAND " Thanks.
  15. Yes, It certainly helps. I have filled up the form but I was seeking advice because I haven't had any experience/heard of the court hearing or anything. So I was worried that If the time I put would not be enough then I might get into trouble and also If i put more then I might have to pay more of the court/judge changes.
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