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  1. Hi if palomino or tomtubby are available please you confirm info from my last post Many Thanks
  2. I have had a bailiff visit me already to collect on 18th February but I had come out of hospital the day before from an op so they went away and said they would be back on 4th March. I called the court and got them to confirm the warrant date and then contacted the bailiff, I advised him of this and he said he would have to look into it and I would either hear from him or the court in due course. Might sound strange but I do actually want the warrant returned to court as I have an agreement with them that if it is, they will inform me and allow me to pay the fine without any further cons
  3. Oh because I worked it out to be 4th feb, so expired about 2 weeks ago, would you mind just double checking the dates, maybe i made a mistake. Even if they do insist on the day they logged it then it would of been 24th feb so still expired. Many thanks
  4. thanks tomtubby thats what I thought it was. Another quick question is that the warrant was sent by court to marstons on 9/08/2008 now the baliffs are saying it was not put on there systems until 29/08/2008. Please can you advise which date is used, the date it was sent from the court or the date baliffs documented the warrant on their systems? Many thanks guys
  5. Thanks for the confirmation on that but it still has not really answered the question about wether it is from the date of issue or to total completion of warrent i.e all monies received. Many Thanks
  6. Hi just been thinking after my last thread and need ask how long bailiffs can take action against a warrent before it is deemed out of time? Im asking as after many attempts to pay a court fine by installments it still has not been resolved and so now bailiff have visited my home to collect money or goods. The warrent was given out 9/8/2008. I have been told it is 180 days and if this is correct does this refer to the date of when bailiff started taking action or for the total process to be completed, i.e money or goods recovered? Many Thanks guys
  7. Hi just been advised by my neighbour that marston bailiff knocked on his door when they visited to see me few days ago. Are they allowed to do this as does it not break data protection rules as they are giving out confidential info to other people not involved?
  8. Hi p4ul how would I find out if the warrent is enforceable, who can I speak to? If anyone here knows the answer then all help gratefully received. I need to get this sorted asap really.
  9. It was for a driving offence, no insurance which was also up for debate but that has been sorted now. Court should of banned me from driving as only had licence for 20 months at the time of offence but due to insurance company at time not cooperating with the court they sympahised with me and fined me instead. Fine was for £160 to be paid by £15 instalments until cleared and thats all iv been trying to do for the past few years. It is absolutly stupid that it has gone on for this long all for £160!!
  10. If there is anyone else who can help with this then please reply as all help is gratefully received.
  11. I already have done so but they told me they can not do anything as the case was with the bailiffe now. When I called the marstons they just simp,y said \i woild have to contact the court for more info, its now getting s little fustrating as I do want to pay, but just not the amount they are asking for which I think is obscene!
  12. Hi guys need a little help here today. This is my first post so hopefuly it goes ok. This all started back in summer of 2007 when I received a court fine for £160. A standing order was set up by me for the payments to be taken from my bank, anyway the SO for some reason didnt go through so i then receive a letter from Drakes now Marstons advising they were now taking control of the outstanding debts, I called on many occasions to sort out the problem and to try and come to an agreement with them for installments as I am currently paying into an IVA which was approved nov 07. I advis
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