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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply I am just annoyed in the way they obtained. A dodgy signature which is not mine and I haven't even been given the terms of the agreement. Although they are charging me for insurance when I provided evidence showing that my home insurance covers hire purchase goods. I did contact their cs by phone, letter and email, but they seem very reluctant to reply as long as the payments are still leaving my bank account!
  2. Hi I ordered some sofas from buy as you view. When it came to them being delivered I arranged it for a day when I was off work as I had to - the agreement due it being in my name. They never turned up! They turned up the next day surprising the missus. They brought the sofas into the house and asked where I was as I needed to sign the credit agreement, the missus told them I was at work (which I can prove I was) and explained that they were supposed to arrive the day before as arranged. Instead of rearranging the bayv guy told the missus to sign the agreement, so she went sign her name. The guy stopped her and said 'No sign your partners name, as long as it looks as though he has signed it that's good enough!' So she naively did. There was three blokes in the room so I suppose she felt a bit wary when it happened the way it did! Surely this is wrong?
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