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  1. I agree you should make an offer in writing perhaps apologising & explaining your mitigating circumstances (I assume having to steal from pri-mark, that there must be some mitigation involved?)....but make sure to copy the letter to Primarks customer services department
  2. someone offered me some help via PM....a trainee lawyer....is this what you mean martin?
  3. they (RLP) are probably being 'affected' by this here little website? these orwellian visions are scary....maybe i should hang in and 'fight the cause'? ha ha.... will you all put together and back my legal funds in the fight against them keeping my daughters history/hickup on file....? ('money talks' and very loudly to me at the mo.) i could maybe put my own neck on the line , but my daughter ruth:) must stay annonimous Does the CAG have a any 'fighting fund' to provide for legal costs/fees? If not, and If you all care so much, are you willing to donate to such a fun
  4. That is spot on. And this is I beleive where RLP needs thier arse kicking... the idea of stopping RLP doing what they do is not viable. Curtailing the amount they charge is definately viable and IMO the best approach... The 'sliding scale' of charges they work with are ludicrous-especially when aimed at minors. They tried to charge my daughter £137 for trying to mischeivously steal a can of spray ten worth £10, and knowing full well this charge would fall on the shoulders (via a civil court) of her parents. I wrote back to RLP (see my own thread) and offered them £60 and they re
  5. I think its obvious that 'eye in the sky' has a conscience...or he wouldn't be so helpful.... It seems this forumn is a good way of reaching anyone with anything that really matters....politicians to grass roots and everyone else in between.....great stuff...and simple proof that the interweb definately ain't all bad....I hope this RLP campaign can make a difference (at least in the context of blackening the names of the children or other innocents!) In the meantime-can someone please confirm the legal implications for RLP in that they are trading without a CC licence-do they need on
  6. UPDATE RLP - they want £137.50 I just want the whole thing to goa away. So on my daughters behalf I made a (without prejudice)offer of £60.00. (My daughter was asked to sign something without being given the chance to read it and I suspect it was some kind of admission of guilt-she was not given a copy of this document) So heres the last letter I sent: April 1st 2009 RLP Limited PO Box 5413 Nottingham Dear Mr Moorhouse REF: CR Number:10-09-50-04 I am disappointed that despite replying to my first email sent to you on the 9th of March, you have not yet re
  7. Well I can certainly understand the idea of it being a punishment for extreme bad behaviour....but for missing registration (not late for class) too many times? I wonder just how many children up and down the land are having thier hearts broke cos they struggle to rise early: Peg Dawson is a psychologist on the staff of Seacoast Mental Health Center in Portsmouth, NH, and is a past president of the National Association of School Psychologists and the immediate past president of the International School Psychology Association. “Counseling 101” is provided by the National Asso
  8. but its managed to annoy me quiet a lot...: put simply my A* student daughter has been told she can't attend her end of school prom because she was late more than the allowed amount of times... she came home in hysterics.....and was told this today on the friday she is about to break up....which means no recourse for two weeks..... this looming debacle will just put a bitter end to an otherwise happy and fruitfull secondry school time...... i cant help but wonder if this is some sort of 'beadles about april fools' wind up.... i mean is'nt ' 'the prom' now regarded
  9. Who are you trying to fool mr shanty.....is he smiling:erm no....is he glaring menacingly at the camera....oh yes indeed. My comments about this image were an aside to my post....Only a fool would consider them to be a reason for helping with a campaign. Before you come on here ****ing me off- i suggest you read into all of the RLP posts and find out what all the fuss is about (XXXXX)
  10. I think you will find that all the letters sent to minors by RLP are addressed to the minors themselves....including the one that i opened! god only knows how many parents up and down the land can't understand why thier children are suddenly trying to raise money (via ebay...odd jobs...shoplifting )
  11. gee there is a scary analogy of witness's being afraid of being 'affected' by the villaneous if they dare to 'grass'... this whole RLP scenario is maybe the beginning of something much more powerful (we'll save the 'dark and sinister:eek:' adjectives for mr moorhouse himself ) lets not do anything too hastily..... the narrative of our problem grows more interesting in as much as none of th OPs are willing to speak out against RLP for fear of being marked X as a reprisal?... as an aside...i wonder if they are choosy about just who they send these letters to? I mean...i
  12. Anyway- now we have the daily mail readership confirmed as being firmly on board- can we focus on the job in hand....
  13. ooh dear- i guess that was a bit rude... I have now amended my post .... erm...sorry
  14. This is without doubt the best RLP 'story' I have come across and would certainly be the one shining example that the media and politicians should get to hear about? (Anonimously -of course)
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