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  1. No helpful advice im afraid tho the term 'dont know their elbow from their backside' springs to mind. They do not seem to have the ability to share information between departments which im sure would save the tax payer a pretty penny each year. Just take comfort in their ability to employ staff is about as far fetched and frustrating as having to make a claim.
  2. If you are caught speeding - The owner of the car will be sent a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) detailing the offence and a document called a section 172 notice. Whether you agree with the NIP or not you must complete the section 172 notice declaring who was driving the car at the time of the offence within 28 days. If you were stopped by a police officer they can give you a verbal warning of prosecution and a NIP is not required if the offence was part of a road traffic accident. If you receive a speeding ticket – Once the NIP is returned you’ll receive a conditional offer of a fixed penalty notice (FPN). You can either pay the fine and accept the penalty points or contest the fine in court. To uphold the fine a court only needs to prove you were speeding. Saying that you did not intend to speed, didn’t realise you were speeding or you only exceeded the limit briefly won’t hold water. If you are prosecuted for speeding – If you have eight or more points on your licence, or you were driving way above the speed limit, the police may choose to prosecute you in court. In this eventuality you will be sent a court summons - the police have up to six months to issue it.
  3. The police must serve an NIP within 14 days of the alleged speeding offence, but there are some circumstances in which the notice will still stand even if it's served later than this, for example: if extra time is needed for the police to act with 'reasonable diligence' to find out who the registered keeper is and how to contact them; or if the delay was the driver’s fault, for example because they have not told the DVLA of a recent change of address.
  4. I normally tell them my financial situation is the same and therefore my payments will stay the same, this then keeps them quiet for another 12 months
  5. When ive had problems with Vodafone (thankfully not very often) ive emailed the CEO - [email protected], and that has seemed to help get problems sorted as you normally get a response from the headoffice.
  6. make a official complaint, asking them where this money has vanished too, send proof that the money was paid to your sainsburys account and you want the balance to reflect this payment. Make sure you send anything recorded delivery and i would start a diary of events. Make yourself aware of their complaints procedure so that you can involve the FSO if they fail to respond. Dont make your complaint over the phone, it is too easy for them to not even log it. Everything in writing.
  7. If your bills are getting out of control then you need to contact those people and offer a reduced payment plan, dont let them get out of control now as it makes it much harder to catch up in the future, and its one less thing for you to worry about. Good luck with your job search though x
  8. I had nothing but problems when i started experiencing financial difficulties with Sainsburys, clearly they are still acting in the same way. I had a similar experience where money i had paid to Sainsburys had disappeared and i was being passed from them to the people they had sold the debt too. I had to exhaust their complaints procedure (despite them deciding to close my complaint without dealing with it and without informing me) and also contacting the FSO. I eventually got it sorted and managed to get £100 compensation from them and a apology.
  9. I think you would be looking at a SAR - https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-data-protection/principle-6-rights/subject-access-request/
  10. You can also access the amazon music which is much better and works out better value then spotify. Free next day delivery which at this time of the year has saved me a fortune. I find it great value
  11. Do you happen to be a security guard? My ex's employers tried to underpay him each time he took a holiday, he would lose 50% of his pay. We ended up at a tribunal which we won. Best to go through your contract and take advice from ACAS.
  12. Add that they also need at least 5 weeks to deal with applications. If you have a local law school they can advise you FOC if they feel their students have the expertise. I have been a LIP in a employment tribunal and it was a case of 'research, research' research'.
  13. Im a parent, mine is a long and complicated story though and ive been LIP for most of that time as unable to access legal aid even tho abuse was involved. The courts will always try and act in the best interests of the child, im sure you solicitor will state a good case for you so sit back and let them do all the work.
  14. Unfortunately no words of wisdom, been in the family court system for the last 18months and ive still no idea what to expect each time i arrive. All i can say is keep your argument ' in the best interests of the children' do not use it as a opportunity to slag the mother of now matter how hard it is. What you are proposing seems perfectly acceptable and it is not acceptable for the mother to keep changing arrangements as it suits her. One lesson to learn is that if you want to change anything in regards to contact to get it court ordered then if she tries to play silly buggers its much easier for you to deal with. You can also LIP in the family court to avoid the cost of a solicitor or just pay your solicitor to represent you on the day and avoid having to pay a retainer each month you just deal with any paper work yourself. Depending on the age of your children it may be possible for them to voice their opinion on what they would like, after all it is important they spend quality time with both parents.
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