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  1. Hi folks, I am considering taking a court action to remove 2-3 defaults from 3 agencies files. I already correponded with the institutions in question and they have not got paperwork such as initial agreement, etc. Can someone advice to which court case have to be filed. I am based in London. Also will the case require hearing or can it be settle by written appeal. Regards, Alex.
  2. Update. I have called 3g centre in India. SO far folks I spoke with are full of bs I spoke with my contact in Equifax and they said if no written agreement exist there is a good change they will remove data following dispute query. I plan to sue for damages arising from presence of wrongful data on my credit file. Send a copy of writs to 3g UK headquarters with an offer to settle that means changing whatever negative history is present into positive and then I will drop the claim. There reason i am doing it I want to keep accrued positive history rather that having it dele
  3. Hey folks, How long arrears stay on credit file? 6 months? Regards, Alex.
  4. Ok I got reply from HSBC recently, No signed agreement, not even copy of the agreement same applies to default notice. Now considering next step
  5. Hi folks, I am working on repairing my credit. Companies who reported negative entries to credit file arent very co operative and so I have to do alot myself. I got back SARS data from a bank and mobile provider, no signed agreement, seems they lost it. What would be the best way to execute removal or default and few arrears? Do I raise online dispute? Will positive repayment history be removed too? What`s the best way to do it? P.S No Default notice original or even copy in SARS paperwork. Regards, Alex.
  6. Hey folks, I have sent SAR to HSBC relating to my credit card account and got reply saying thank you for requesting details of bank charges They also returned postal draft of 10 pounds. My main aim is to remove default and late payments from credit file. What would be the quickest and surest way to raise dispute with all 3 credit agencies? At this stage I am pretty confident HSBC lost the paperwork. Regards, Alex.
  7. Hello folks, I want to sent two separate SAR to Three to dispute data on the credit file. I have checked my credit file online and I can see only last 4 digits of the a/c s in question. Would it be fine to use phone numbers associate with the contracts instead? Cheers, Alex.
  8. Greetings folks, I been renting for a while and while checking my report saw 6 CIFAS entries linked to the previous addresses. 5 1 - False Identity Fraud and 1 6 - First Party Fraud. I am registered on the electoral roll at my new address. How do I remove the entries? Should I write a letter of dissasosiation to the credit agencies? On the electoral roll entry with equifax I saw that one letter in my first name is misspelled. How important it is to have your name spelled correctly? Shall I raise a dispute? Thanks in advance, A.
  9. I have disputed account yes, when I called a department dealing with the matter. I have notified them that the phone call is recorded and will be used in court shall I decide to litigate. So yes that was good to do. Now its time to send a letter as well to futher bind the `beast` lol Calling goes both ways, yes credit collection agencies tend to call alot, you can call them daily too, ideally director direct line. At very least their phones will be jammed.
  10. As been said previously credit score reflects your profitablity to banks amongst other things
  11. Hi guys, I am in dispute with the HSBC. In the course of dispute I feel they might try and post arrears, etc on my file with the Experian, etc. Is there a way to legally challenge the agreement that will prevent them from pursuing the aforementioned course of action unless agreement upheld in their favour in the UK court. Thanks in advance, Alex.
  12. Following your logic I can approach someone and plead saying I need cash for this and that, my house is been burned down, etc ask them to transfer money to my account at least once then claim in court that it was a first of 100 monthly installement of the x loan which is backed by both verbal and written agreement only I cant locate the written one Why you paid to the bank. You paid to pay the loan and then bank agreed to omit the rest of the loan and to signify that they destroyed the written agreement. Judge to the bank have you a written agreement in place? Harsh reality of common l
  13. They cant default you unless you defaulted on the scheduled payments. That`s how it feels to me. Raise a dispute with the agencies in question. Pending on your situation you can hard ball the creditor saying that you about to move abroad to the likes of Cuba and if they want something you offer them a 10 pence on a pound provided they also give you a letter stating their total satisfaction, the fact that the debt is fully discharged and their agreement to remove all arrears, defaults etc from your credit agencies file.
  14. Greetings folks, I am planning to dispute a credit card agreement with HSBC. First I am planning to serve them Subject Access Request letter. I also aim to prevent them from entering arrears and or default notice while debt is in dispute, unless debt is enforced in court. Shall I send them a letter together with SAR saying I am disputing the amount? What would be a best way of doing it? Thanks in advance, Alex.
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