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  1. update regarding my halifax credit card lots of phone calls telling me i must pay etc and letter saying i have missed 3 payments in a row now but stil not supplied a cca, I was phoned last week and had a interesting converastion with collections dept aparently the forged copy of my signature which is on the dodgy copy of an application form is ok becasuse rthe customer xcare department said to collections that if they cant find a signed cca from me but they beleive i have signed one in past they can make one up and forge my signeature ebcasue they belive that i have previously signed one, so n
  2. letter from halifax again advising me they have complied wth my request for cca but my account is going to continue to be on hold now for a further 28 days from 20th april umm
  3. there 4 weeks runs out this coming monday checked online today account still listed as in dispute, but they havent charged interest on my account this month they usually do on the 11th or 12th but it just says the same as last month that payment is due by 6th april no charges either this month unless they haven't updated the statment because of the bank holiday
  4. im advised by halifax account on hold for 4 weeks so that they can send me my credit card agreement and then we can come to a amicable arangement so i wonder what that is?
  5. no more phone calls or letters from halifax online account still says on hold so wait and see
  6. received response from complaint basic letter telling me they have done everything i asked and that i should bring my account upto date and they can see no evidence they have done anything wrong and that is my compliant delat with. funnily when i went online to check my balnace my account now has a message saying it is on hold pending a dispute resolution odd
  7. further to last message i have received a response to my formal compliant letter just says that they havent resolved my complaint yet and will require a further 4 weeks to look into it, also received standard remionder advisding i have now missed 2 payment s and must bring account up to date
  8. i sent clemmas letter a few days ago, nothing back from halifax regarding my complaint, but have received another very bad copy of the 1 page of an application form mentioned earlier with the dodgy signature. i have wrote to the guy re the formal complaint and advised him i am concerned that my signature may be forged. halifax have started putting missed payments on my credit file i take it i cant do anything about that
  9. ive also received more paperwork today on this accont firstly my terms and consitions. and secondly what is titled as 'credit card agreeement regulated by te consumer credit act 1974' but has clearly just been printed off the computer and had my name and adress added because it is supposed to be my original 2003 agreement but is in perfect condition obviously just edited and printed off the computer because it has my current address on it and i didnt move into my current address till over a year after taking out the card lol. also it has my current interest rate on it not my original, and
  10. further to my last post the one page documnet i have says at the top that its an 'application form' and not actually a credit agreement
  11. i might not be able to as the copy is very poor and it might not come through very well but i will try isn;t it soposed to have the credit limit and interets rate deatils mine just has details on how to cancel and other info and i cant tell if the signature is mine because its very poor
  12. not yet, i have just opened the post to find a letter from customer services enclosing a 'copy of my previously signed application form' only olne page photocopy and very badly copied no details of interest rates or limit or even which card it is. also at the bottom where the signatures and dates are writeen thers something funny about the handwriting because i ave very bad handriting and have all my life but the handrittten date next to my signature exactly matches the handwriting of ther date writen below by the member of staff at halifax and the handriting is to neat to be mine so
  13. nothing from halifax exept plenty of phone calls havent answered, is there anything else i need to do
  14. got 3 more phone calls today from halifax didnt answer, but no response in writing
  15. letter from halifax yesterday just saying thank you for your comnplaint sorry youve found reason to complain and they will need 4 weekss to investigste my comnplaint
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