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  1. Puzzled as to what Fixed Deal it was as the Fixed Price 09 went off in July and the Fixed Price 2011 not long after. There is a further fixed price which is more like one that follows the rates. My straight to the point response is, you will still receive bills and fixed price does not mean a consistent amount for your bills, usage varies especially through winter. Paying £40.00 a month for a winter period is low and maybe your query to this could be that the sales agent quoted you the wrong DD but they are not billing trained, work on what you provide as well.
  2. The will see it that the fuel has been used so they have the right to find out who is responsible. But in the case of a contract Im not sure.
  3. This may sound cheeky but pilot lights for boilers etc do still use gas but Im not entirely sure it would be as much as that!! Its about 0.5 units or something daft like that. But thats per WEEK. (I could be wrong) Gas meter test would involve meter taken away by a regulator, replaced with a new one and the old one goes through numerous tests usually by OFGEM who then decide if meter is working to a certain degree of accuracy. If it is fine then the charge is applied to customers account, if ti works out that its not accurate then Ive encountered (once in five years) the charge being waiv
  4. Maybe you should ask for a breaddown of the bills over that period and not just copy statements. There were price increases around that time as well. Get them out to your meter for gas too, even take a picture of the meter to prove your point. How on earth did they get that reading or has there been a meter exchange notnupdated correctly? Hmm Oh and the last poster is right, there is Fuel Direct which takes money from your benfits but Im not sure if the supplier your with does the scheme of offering a discount on the units of electric use, npower did a similar scheme but have s
  5. Collections Direct are an internal agency of Npower hunny, in my opinion Id get a letter written via yourself advsing that you would like to be able to discuss this account query and get him to sign it. Send it over to Npower, give me a bell and Ill get some good addresses for you. Drop me a line. Ive worked with them.
  6. My parents are in a 1950's three bed semi and use around 28000, combi boiler and gas cooker. Double glazing. 33000kwh is not as much as what you think considering what you use, boiler to heat water and heating for 5 hrs a day. What temp is the heating at? Sometimes setting it too low can cause extra use to be used to take it to the recognised temperature. Or too high and excessive usage caused. Im sure they would have had a dept that would specialise in advising you of the usage in your home but it sounds to me like you're being fobbed off and not offered any advise or explanation as
  7. Theres a lot to take in here. Heres my advice on what to do next....half of it you have already said!!!! With regards to the meter itself, on installing a meter there is USUALLY card with the installation reads on. Or a sticker..if thats handy then theres a starting point. I would absolutely ask them for the last firm read taken, any attempted visits and also reads that failed 'tolerance' Sometimes, when a customer gets a read and fills in the card and leaves it,the engineer picks this up,refers to supplier who will then view this, if out of tolerance (too high or low...) then an In
  8. Im with ozzy on this one. If its in your name and no other way of proving others are responsible for that debt then yes you will have to look to pay. Could be a tenancy agreement you have with all signatures...then if they dont have a forwarding address I guess thats it...hard luck (sorry) If your new home is with the same supplier you can ask for debt to be transferred. Should there be a prepayment meter as well then it can be altered to collect debt. The supplier may be able to review the situation, let them know, it is a final account and there may be more scope available to
  9. You can ask them to reassess your reading, they may ask you to take a record of reads and gain a pattern of consumption and back track from there. They may have reads from a previous tenant to line up with and use. If the unit usage is what you mean as how much it has advanced then that is certainly excessive and certainly questionable but if you are referring to 15000kwh after being converted then that is not excessive. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/utilities-gas-electricity-water/189543-huge-gas-bill-help.html You have a thread opened re this honey and it would sa
  10. Recerts are like for like meters. They shouldnt be sticking a prepayment meter in unless you specifically agreed or a warrant obtained. Just ask them hunny.
  11. Maybe there was an unbilled reading in 2007 and they have gone back to that? Meter readers can take interim reads, possibly a gas safety inspection,they take reads on them. If she has paid on estimated bills, in fairness, even leaving a read card wouldnt be sufficient for me. Id be checking my bill and asking for a further rebill on my own read but Im picky lol. Find out if there was a reading available, also look through the bill and check they have apportioned units over different price changes. Hopefully they have and havent gone and billed her 10 million gas units at c
  12. An energy bill can be applied as part of bankruptcy, as far as I have experienced. Problems pop this q in the debt problems forum, they can advise you more. If its the first letter about the bill then get on the telephone and explain the problems youre having. Maybe until the time you are going into the bankruptcy route you could apply for Fuel Direct until this goes through, depending on which benefits mind but portions would go to your debt and consumption. Maybe it helps. Second letter usually advises they will visit but they cant disconnect without a warrant and they are usually
  13. How long was the electric bill over, I mean in days? Ive not seen them necessarily sculpt electric. It looks to me like your bill was for just over a quarter and the basis of the bill is that on avg 2kwh units a day are used at the higher day rate before the lower rate comes into play. Then it looks like your previous bill was for 69 days???? Hmmm. I dont like that but would be keen to find out the period of the bill exactly and can guide you as to whether it can be redone for you. The gas, well, gas scupting has DEFINETLY made you bill increase. The longer you left between giving th
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