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  1. I have just read the updated guide to filling out the N1 and the new wording contained therein looks ok to me (and my limited knowledge)......
  2. Can someone advise me whether I should go ahead and file my claim or start a new claim using clauses 5 and 8 of the UTCCR?
  3. Hi All I have been holding off filing at court pending the High Court ruling today as I really don't have the money to waste if this is not going to work (claiming back charges in this manner)...... Any advice on whether or not I should proceed along this current route and file the claim or following the HC ruling will we need to approach this from a different perspective? I realise the ruling has only just been released but any advice would be most welcome. Thanks
  4. Can someone please advise me on what to do next in re-claiming my bank charges. The bank have had the letter before action and the time has elapsed that it states to give them, what is my next move???
  5. Would really appreciate some help and guidance as to what I do next please...
  6. Just a little advice needed what to do next. Their time to repay is up after sending the letter before action, but do I just go down the court route (they have accepted my hardship case, but have said this does not change the fact they are not paying anything out at the moment). What do I do next?? The claim is for just under £2000. Which strangely would clear my overdraft and leave me in credit and nowhere near getting anymore charges, which have been the cause of me going over my o/d limit and incurring more charges. Basically what has been happening, I had a couple of m
  7. Hi Supasnooper..... Yes normally I would agree and to be honest I did not call them to discuss my reclaim, I was angry that they went back on their word and yep no-one had entered any notes on the system...... But I have been fortunate this month in that it was their mistake that the charges were taken a week early (I know they should not have been taken at all), and they have refunded them already and have said they will not be taken again...... That still leaves the small matter of last months and the £1700 + I am claiming back over the past years....... all in all about £210
  8. Having spent most of yesterday on the phone trying to sort the latest charges issue, I got a phone call from the Customer Services team in Hove who agreed to refund my charges for this month as they were wrongly taken on the 2nd November when my statement said the 9th. On the matter of my hardship claim, they have accepted and agreed that I am in financial hardship and have referred me to a company called payplan who apparently can help deal with all my creditors by negotiating with them reduced payment for my loans, CC's, Council Tax etc. If anyone has any knowledge of this company or h
  9. Where do I start?? I have another thread on the Barclaycard area of the site and have a claim going through with them which is a whole lot of fun (NOT).... Anyway, I have a Lloyds/TSB Classic account and have done so for over 20 years. Until recently I have not had any issues and used the overdraft when needed, but the last year I have been struggling financially through one reason or another and approx. 6 weeks ago I put my claim in for a refund of my bank charges around £1700 plus interest and at the same time sent in a hardship claim as well. Over the following 4 weeks I rec
  10. Hi Slick Just had a letter from Barclaycard threatening to refer the account to a DCA and the wife is having kittens telling me to deal with it and phone them. I have tried explaining to her that, that is not the way I am dealing with it and have tried explaining that they cannot visit the house and showed her the letter in the templates library but still I am getting screamed at and told to deal with Barclaycard. Any suggestions as to what I should do next with Barclaycard and the wife?? Also the calls are mounting up 8 over the week-end and another 3 yesterday, a few text mes
  11. Hi Slick..... well this has been an interesting week for post (no calls yet, not one)....... But have had their little T&C's leaflet through the post with a covering letter saying if they can be of anymore help don't hesitate to call..... then today another letter from them with a photocopy of their agreement....... no signature of course someone has just photocopied the agreement and put it in an envelope, not even a covering letter..... Still no word on the SAR...... any suggestions what I should do next?? Or are their any follow up letters to send....?? I did also get a s
  12. Hi Slick.... Just an update, 4 weeks later and not a thing from BC in terms of written replies, copy of agreements, T&C's, plenty of phone calls about 10-12 a week at the moment all the same, all requesting payments, when I explain what I am waiting for and explain I have retold the tale every day for the past 3 weeks they say oh yes there are notes on here, I will log your request and get someone to deal with it. It is like groundhog day every day...... What should I do next??
  13. Thank you Slick So what happens once the account is in "dispute" (according to me as you said they will refute this claim)....?? I have read through some of the other threads, but it is all a bit confusing as to what they will do (seems like they start harassing for the money)....
  14. Thanks for the advice I will certainly send the letters off straight away. What is the significance of the CCA?? Sorry for sounding a bit dim, if as it seems with other people they cannot provide it, what happens next? I don't have the statements you mentioned, can I request that they send me details of all the charges they have made on my account (as I did when reclaiming the bank charges)?
  15. Hi All....... I have used the site for reclaiming bank charges (ongoing at the moment) but now have a serious problem and issues with Barclaycard. Is there a more unhelpful organisation on the face of the planet. I contacted them 3 months ago to say I was having difficulty paying and could I make an arrangement to pay XX amount a month, freeze the interest and freeze the account so that I can reduce the debt (fairly logical and straight forward I thought)....... So imagine my annoyance each month over the next 3 months when I get my latest bill and the interest is charged, and
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