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  1. i just thought by telling them . No recon . It would fend them off a bit longer and pass to another DCA avoiding court papers and get nearer tp S/B date thanks maxedout.
  2. thanks dx, its defaulted . Horwich Farrelly are Robinsons solicitors?
  3. Hi all. iv not posted for a while because the only thing to post would have been a pile of letters from Robinsons way but have now recived a letter from Horwich Farrelly saying they have been instructed to recover full ammount and want to hear off me within ten days or possible court action. How should i reply ? should i explain that the Halifax have said they cant supply a recon and they closed the account on the back of a dodgy D/N or doesnt that count any more. What are this bunch like to fend off. Should i send account is in dispute so return to original
  4. Thanks for replys and i have ignored as was advised about 24 unanswered calls and a stack of letters so far. This is the latest letter off Capquest , they are not aware that i have had letter off the Halifax stating they cannot provide a recon cca and account is in dispute . Should i write and point this out because they are not aware they may start legal procedings and want to stay away from this .. thanks max. img256.zip
  5. Had letter off capquest asking me to give them a ring as their client as asked them to contact me to advise that a settlement figure is available on my account.It goes on to say if an agreement is reached with a reduced payment once payment is received my account will be closed and cra file will show satisfied partial settlement. Do you think this is a phishing trip as i have not answered one call or letter off this bunch? thanks max.
  6. Mmm Seems like he must have had a good case but they cant rule in his favour?
  7. It says on the case tracker Awaiting result of a reserved judgment. Anyone shine any light on what this means please . Suppose waiting result as the judgement is delayed. Maybe this is good news?
  8. yep here it is but its gone off there now because its gone .its got tommorows cases on there now but the brandon one was on there this morning for 10 oclock i think it was in court room 60 odd. http://www.justice.gov.uk/guidance/courts-and-tribunals/courts/hearing-lists/list-appeal-civil.htm
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