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  1. Call my nice all you like. I have helped hundreds on this forum. You were not there. the incident does not involve you, so any 'advice' is based around thrid party chinese whispers. My bet is that your brother will end up paying the fine because he did indeed speed, so it is indeed pointless.
  2. If it will actually be your car and in your mums name, make sure your insuranec are happy with that. Most insureres insist that the car is in the name of the policyholder and that the policyholder is the main driver.
  3. Stupid???? I think not Mr intelligent! Try parking 1 " over the line of a parking space in london and see if they think it is stupid when they slap a ticket on your car. Try only scraping an inch of paint of a police car and see if they also think it would be stupid to do anything. The law is clear. Stop before the line, not within a distance passed the line that you think is alright guv.
  4. TBH It should have just been left alone in the first place. What are the betting odds for another 'upgrade' very soon?
  5. It is a retail park - private property. Completely worthless piece of toilet paper you have, NOT a ticket. Totally ignore all the following scare-o-grams.
  6. It doesn't matter if you cross by 1 inch or 1 mile. The offence would be failing to stop at a red light. You must stop before the white line. After the white line is an offence.
  7. He says, she says..... Too many of these 'my friend' or 'my brother' threads. Nobody here can offer you advise because you were not there and so it is pointless.
  8. This is a business. They can write whatever they like on the receipt but it does not relieve them of the law. You entrusted this buisness with your phone. They have obviously lost it or given it to someone else, so you are entitled to compensation to the value of the phone. If the phone is less than 6 months old, you are entitled to the value of a brand new equivalent. If old, the value of another phone of the same type or similar of similar condition or age. If the phone isn't there today, get it blocked by your network.
  9. Contact the previous owner in writing. Send them a stamped addressed envelope and ask if they know Mr XXXXXX? who claimed to be selling the car on his behalf. I will bet 100% you bought from a trader.
  10. All respect I had for you just went straight down the toilet. I have lived in Africa where people are lucky to have food at the end of the day. You had a paid job in the UK, so do not confuse that with 'slave' culture.
  11. If the site owner chose to paint the field with tartan paint and fix sky hooks up everywhere, that would not be your problem, concern or expense. So, if he chose to have an electrician do anything that is also not your problem, concern or expense. You say the CB was changed by the previous pitch user. Do you have proof of this or does the site owner have proof to the contrary? You have been accused of interfering with the electricty supply effectively, so getting the previous pitch user to your side would be an enormous help. In any event, there is a verbal contract. You agreed to pay X amount for use of the pitch for X period of time. The site owner agreed to offer those terms. He is in breach of the contract and thus you are entitled not only to a refund of the pro rata fees paidf, but also any out of pocket expenses and consequential loss. The site owner has accused you of something. The onus is entirely upon him to substantiate that claim. So, any defence to the tune of 'I think' will not was in court. 'I can prove' does. As a matter of interest is there not any legilation to suggest he should have had that checked BEFORE you took up occupancy of that pitch? He cannot now retrospectively check.
  12. If you are required to be at work to do anything at all in connection with work, then you should be paid. When I was an apprentice plumber 30+ years ago, I got to work about 10 minutes early to have a cuppa and put on my overalls etc, but others arrived on time and did the same. I didn't get paid either but that was my choice. Most people do what I did. But if you are TOLD to come in at 8:40am for a 9am start so you have time to prepare their computer, that is paid work and you should be paid IMHO.
  13. Word of warning. I have been in the car dealing trade in the past and know many of the tricks used. IF and I do say IF I was the garage, I would have set up the company as follows: 1. Joe Bloggs Garage Ltd owns nothing at all. 2. Me personally owns the premises, tools, lifts, teapot etc etc. I would then rent the entire lot to the LTD company for a fee equivalent to its takings. So, if I took £2,500 this week, the rental would be 100% of the takings after the VaT is paid. I get the income, the garage gets nothing. The reason? If the company ever gets sued, it has no assets. You cannot take what does not belong to the Ltd company.
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