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  1. Yes she does indeed exist, I have a mutual friend with her on Facebook, who also used to work for Capone until recently made redundant. Apparently, she has recently been EXTREMELY busy lol!!! I have been reading this thread with interest, as my "agreement" is practically exactly the same as Sunflowers!!!! Until this month I have been paying Capquest, a small monthly payment, but having seen this thread and realising that my agreement is a cut & paste job, i will be ceasing future payments as I believe it to be unenforceable. Thanks all for all your hard work :D:D B
  2. I only actually made 4 payments on the loan from last summer before getting into financial difficulties!! I just find it odd they they are asking for a total which is less than the amount I borrowed!!
  3. Hi, I have just received a 50% offer on my loan. The amount they want, plus the payments I have already made, come to £600 less than what I actually borrowed Do you think this is because they know my agreement is cr*p, or is it because they are obivously desperate for cash? Thanks
  4. I always send to crc@cattles.co.uk & info@cattles.co.uk & margaretredgrave@cattles.co.uk. I always get a response!!
  5. Thanks for all the advice...I have actually been following this post avidly, especially over the last few days (sending me dizzy, is an understatement). I did actually ask the member of staff when I went into sign for the loan, if interest was payable on the acceptance fee and was told it wasn't and it was shown seperately on my agreement to look as if it wasn't. It was only when I received my statment of price, that showed interest was definitely added. I have also noticed that Prudent's agreement is exactly the same as mine, however, he/she has been told by Welcome that interest i
  6. Hi, I have today received a letter from Welcome, regarding my complaint that they have charged interest on my acceptance fee. The letter states that interest IS charged on the acceptance fee. Is this legal? I am sure they aren't allowed to do this? Thanks
  7. Haha, Just found Mr Palmer on Facebook, and he mentions his dress sense being slagged off!!!
  8. Hi Andie, I have spoken to you before on here. I don't have a scanner but, my agreement lists the acceptance fee seperate to the interest and I even asked when I was sat in their little room waiting to get my loan, if there was interest charged on the acceptance fee and I was told there wasn't. I have eventually received my statement of price and my monthly payments include £3.97 per month for acceptance fee. The acceptance fee was £75, but over 36 months comes to £142.92, which obviously has interest added. Where do I stand with this? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi Sammy, I have just sent them pretty much the same letter (via email) as although they haven't added interest on to my agreement for the acceptance fee, when I received a statement of account, the interest added is based on the loan amount plus the acceptance fee. Stick with it, they will try anything to fob you off and make you think they are right and you are wrong!! Good luck x
  10. Hi Andie, I have been reading your posts, hope all goes well in court (I can't see why not!!) My agreement lists the acceptance fee as seperate, but when I received my statement it includes it for interest. I borrowed 2500 and they added 75, so my statements starts at 2575 and they have then worked out the 4% interest on top of that. When I rang the FOS, they were not surprised at all by what I had to say and said there isn't a day goes by without a few complaints about Welcome. Good luck x
  11. I have been trying to get information from Welcome, as I received my SAR and it seems they have added interest onto my acceptance fee. I rang them to ask for written details of how they got to the interest figure and I was told in no incertain terms, that I would not be able to receive anything in writing!! I then sent an email of complaint to them and cattles and also to the MD of cattles, requesting this information be sent in the next 7 days. I also rang the FOS and made an official complaint and they were also going to write to Welcome. I got home form work yesterday to find a le
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