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  1. well that link didnt work lol type LILA bankruptcy into google take u to the AIB site and tells you at the side of page apply hope you fiind it just clicked on link above and it does work ok
  2. Scottish Executive: Web site currently unavailable. when looking at the photocopy of my original its the pack 1 you download
  3. hi again i think i found my answer i got this from AIB website (If you receive income support, income-based jobseekers' allowance or working tax credits you will be treated as meeting the low income test, even if your actual income is more than £229.20 a week.) as i receive working tax credits im still classed as meeting the low income test. im a correct on this
  4. hi its now been 6 months since i went down the route of LILA bankruptcy best move i ever made. today i received the 6 month review letter and im now working 20hrs a week receive child/working tax credits and a in work credit of £40 a week. just wondering now that i have some money coming will the AIB make me pay some money back to my creditors ?
  5. had this happen to myself just lately and they refunded half the charges as i went in and spoke the day after i was overdrawn due to me not getting s DD schedule for tv license cos of postal strikes. this was with rbs thou
  6. well its been a few weeks now and the phone calls are dying down and just tell them ive been made bankrupt and give them the ref number and hey ho off they go prob not pleased at all a lot of folk will say that it will affect you getting anything from a tv to a house in future but by not paying your debts your credit file is ruined anyway. i would have loved to have paid everything but it just wasnt possible and at end of the day its only money. its now back to the days were you had to save for what you wanted credit is given so easily its no wonder people like me get into probs robbing pet
  7. called yesterday and from the 16th sept im bankrupt just waiting on the papaerwork coming through now:D
  8. hello again well decided to call them and was made bankrupt on the 14th sept woohoo get to tell those people on phone were to go. just need to wait on paperwork coming through. need to check see if i get my name in the gazette now.
  9. hiya yes they do ill email them after postie been and i have nothing lol cheers for advice
  10. hi just posting about were am at well got the questionaire last week, still not hard anything back yet anybody got any ideas how long it will take. not wanting to call incase they ask why i got into the situation.
  11. thanks form was posted last thursday got CAB to help so it aint sent back to me all wrong lol so here,s hoping here something some soonish and ill be able tell those nice folk that constantly phone were to go
  12. hi just a few questions myself regarding this matter can anybody advise #1.i have a bank account with rbs is basic current account which i use to get my benefits paid and and direct paid out this also has a saving account attached with no money it. but i also have a easy cash account with nothing in it with halifax. will i have declare all 3 and will these be closed down. 2. with my debts i have letters from different agencies chasing same debt over a period. do i have right all these down or just the name of the orginal creditor and ref number. 3. i have debts that i have no letters
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