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  1. These guys have the same name as the Bedford company but are not the same company - I originally thought this but discovered, after a little digging, the CRS we all unfortunately know are Harland Services Ltd trading as Credit Resolution Services.
  2. Hi DC. Hope all is well. Unfortunately condition 9 gives gym ability to refer to 3rd party where you haven't paid ............and assuming that the agreement is signed and dated. That said they still have to comply with the 2003/6 code and there have been several infringements, from what you've said. The OFT need to know as they are considering prosecuting or waiting until Harland Services Ltd (CRS) reapply for their Consumer Credit License. It is clear that they will only act if they are pushed by members of this forum who spell out the infringements. The whole point of the regulations i
  3. Hi. That's good news if you're sure nothing in yours terms and conditions about passing to collection agency etc if you default. The template letter DC is using to send a complaint to the OFTwill also be suitable for you . You will need to strip out the sections that don't apply. Good luck The Bees 123 PS DC - The OFT will only look at a small percentage of issues each year. If the window is open ......the complaints need to happen now not tomorrow if you get my drift. Up to you guys though..a bit like an eclipse these things don't happen very often
  4. DC Winters ....please see last posting on CRS......hope you're written complaint has been lodged with OFT ...window of opportunity open at the moment, but maybe not for long. Good luck The Bees 123
  5. That's my understanding from reading the OFT code of practice (2002). I am currently awaiting the findings on this point (under investigation) and c. 10 other infringements (some) of this code but (mainly) 2003/6 collection agency code. Will post further advice once I have had it. If you have legitimate grounds - DC Winters or anyone else (not frivolous stuff) where clear breaches (with evidence) of either Code by Golds and especially CRS NOW IS THE TIME TO PUSH WITH OFT - these windows don't open very often. Phone calls are a waste of time..... Good luck. The Bees 123
  6. yes. That's why you need to read your membership agreement (usually single sided, tiny text setting out the terms and conditions). What does it say about this, if anything??? The bees 123
  7. DC's right. Check what the agreement says ....it either mentions explicitly that they can pass to collection agency if you default with the agreement or it doesn't, and that costs can be racked up. the bees 123
  8. Hi DC good to see you upbeat! I broadly agree with what you're saying. I'm up for complaining to the appropriate authorities (I've already lodged an official complaint with OFT) and I'm not planning to roll over on this. If CRS can genuinely infringe c. 12 aspects of the various OFT codes and get away with highway robbery, then we live in an uncivilised society and the law is an ass. But as I've said I'm not rolling on this one, and will pursue it as far as I can. At the minute I'm waiting to see whether there is any movement from OFT (I've resisted phoning them as it forces th
  9. Hi I understand your point re notice, It does seem exceesive but I think 2002 guidance may not - it cites 6 months as unfair.......... So the agreement is crucial. But even if it doesn't work in your favour you have another plan B. You are entitled to a full and proper statement of account showing what is payable, what has been paid and balance due. The differences in statements matter (as it gives you a legitimate basis to dispute) as does the difference with CRS's account (their costs , conduct etc is relevant - 2003/2006 collection code will give you the clues you need t
  10. Hi DC and others There are two separate sets of issues and sets of guidance which may be relevant concerning ROKO in this case and our old adversary CRS. As DC knows these have been signposted on this thread i.e. 2002 OFT guidance relating to gym memberships and 2003 (updated 2006 code) to do with collection /collection agencies. One has to be very precise when complaining to ensure that you have genuine grounds, that you are focusing on the main issues, and that you are raising these with the right agencies, as, rest assured CRS, who are not in any recognised trade body, will n
  11. DC as promised please see attached suggested letter. You will need to personalise it and amend as you see fit but I think laying out your case on a blow by blow basis, linked back precisely to the OFT codes, when you're asking OFT to investigate makes sense, and makes it a little easier for everyone to focus on the key issues. I hope this helps? Stay focused on the facts, don't hammer on about things that don't really matter or which OFT can't investigate. Good luck PS Will contributors to this thread please try and keep it up to date with developments, good or bad. W
  12. DC.................that's why it's best not to ring them unless you have no other choice!!!! You are unclear about what the letter you have received actually means.........earlier you have said you/your solicitor has said you're not liable for costs - I have presumed because your membership agreement is silent on this...so it's a little unclear........?? Your solicitor is supposed to be helping you. I hope you have been in touch with him/her and politely explaining that the hole has just a little bigger so what is he/she going to do? I will post OFT ltr for you to tinker with (l
  13. Hi.....I hear what you're saying. I think unless the three month notice period is regarded as an unfair term (you may wish to look specifically at OFT's 2002 code of practice on Health Club Membership Agreements which should address this point (The reference is on Page 3 of this thread ), the better (best?) line of attack is as you've put it, the jurisdiction of CRS. This is where again you may wish to double check as to what is said, if anything, about referring defaulters/ alleged defaulters to collection agencies and for their costs to be recoverable/enforceable. If it's silent or if
  14. Hi...sounds very familiar same tricks same culprits.........In addition to what you/ve said probably strongest remedy lies with an official complaint to OFT. 2002 OFT Code of Practice relating to Gyms and Health Clubs - some sections infringed. 2003(updated 2006) OFT code regarding collection activities infringed in several rspects. If you haven't got your membership agreement may I suggest you get a copy. As you probably know the terms and conditions will indicate what notice you have to give and how long this is. Usually one months notice. Will also set out your rights, if any
  15. Good to hear you're making some progress. OFT though should have treated your call as a complaint. It is one. Specifically - OFT Collection guidance - 2003 (2006 updated) - therefore you may wish to lodge it with them (maximum pain for Harlands/CRS) - includes a section on .......psychological harassment........ which is " putting pressure on debtors......which is considered to be oppressive" (section 2.5) Section 2.6 provides examples of unfair practices............ in particular subsection (i) is what you need to quote - "disclosing or threatening to disclose debt details
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