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  1. I'm also a fan emmzzi / sidewinder, but unfortunately he has taken us to a point of the letter of law due to this and all of his is other antics. Even though my relative agreed to remove the items on one the days he has requested him to, he has now sent correspondence back to him, which is threatening violence, due to this, the police are now having to attend to ensure his safety. He has informed the owner of the company of the police attending and his response to the the email is some what of a concern to both of my family member and the police. All he wants is what he is entit
  2. Hi All One of my family members is currently experiencing some employment issues and hope someone could give us advice on the following and some guidance on how to deal with the issue. While there have many issues leading up to the point of redundancy i will try and keep with the current issue. He has been off sick for several weeks since Early October with stress and palpitations brought on mainly by his employment problems, specifically being informed by the company of the risk of redundancy and him having to apply for the only position available to keep is job as well as the
  3. I had a claim put in against me in 2003 for 1 child, arrears went back to 1998 and i didn't know anything about this prior to 2003,what I find odd is that I had 2 children with my ex but only 1 was claimed for in jan 2003. I paid maintenance plus extra £13 per week to clear arrears up up until 2006, I was then notified by the CSA in 2006 about the other child. I was reassessed and was assessed at £65 a week but to keep paying the original amount I was assessed at in 2003, with no arrears to pay, I was told to keep paying what I had always paid which was £13 per week over the assessed amount
  4. Understanding that a lot of things have changed over 10 years since i took out the MPPI, i have tried calculating the % difference being 10 years younger with a different provider. Life insurance & critical health insurance (cover £21.950 over 25 years = premium of £24.24 per month (Fixed) based on us being 10 years younger. Life insurance & critical health insurance (cover £21.950 over 14 years = Premium of £13.42 per Month (Decreasing) Based on us being 10 years younger. This is a 44% difference of premiums. We have been paying £31.08 per month over 110 months Totali
  5. Hi all Wonder if anyone can give me any advice on my MPPI claim. I am currently at the final stages of settlement, i have had to go through the ombudsman route due to the bank not upholding our complaint. The adjudicator at the ombudsman have made a decision and here are the details: Back in 2002 we arranged a mortgage for £21950 over 14 years, we was sold a Protection insurance to cover this amount over 25years on a repayment basis, so basically the cover wasn't suitable due to the duration. The ombudsman Adjudicators decision: Mr ? & Miss ? do not appear to
  6. Hi thanks for your responses. I have now asked a few questions regarding this matter to the operations manager that issued the letter, and here are the questions and responses. 1. Why do we need have a meeting prior to our start time? To recieve an adequate handover from previous shift.(which we already do). 2. How long will this provision last for? Ongoing. 3.Do all Team managers at the same grade including transport and admin have to attend the meeting? No just warehouse. 4.Will this be over and above the normal 40 hr week? You are paid yearly not hourly.(im
  7. Buisness is massive, Employee's at our site approximately 500, around 50 at my grade split over various areas. Approximately 28 of us from warehouse are being told to come in 20 minutes early, majority of the same grades are from transport aren't being told to come in early. Warehouse and transport run side by side, the 20 minutes is basically for a brief for the days events, i.e volumes E.T.C. In addition some of us currently travel upto a 70 mile round trip to and from work, approximately 1.5 hrs in total, hence the reason we don't like the 20 mins at the start of a 06.00 star
  8. That must be the first post ive seen from you where you need to have a think or shufty! lol
  9. Thanks for your help Rachel. Just one last thing: If a employee with the same grade as me, but with a different title (transport / warehouse),with the same terms and conditions isn't made to do these extra hours, where do i stand?
  10. Hi Rachel thanks for the response. Is this a permanent new provision, that you work an extra 20 minutes a shift? I assume its for everyshift all of the time. How many shifts do you work a week/How many extra hours a week would this new provision mean? Any 5 shifts from 7, currently running on a 3 week rolling rota 06.00-14.00 & 14.00 -22.00 Have you been 'asked' or 'told' to do these new hours? Letter just states "managers meeting will take place prior to a managers start time" How long have you worked on your old hours? Coming upto 5 year
  11. Hi All I have been asked to start work 20 mins early before every shift no later, this has been told to me via an internal letter from a manager. Contract states: 40hrs per week including half an hours paid break per day.For the saisfactory performance of your job shift and weekend working will be required.night shift working will attract a premium, you may be required to work additional hours to be agreed with your manager. I haven't got an issue with working over 20 mins or so and that is what i have been doing,but do have issues in starting 20 mins early. Certain po
  12. FOS have sent me the standard complaint forms about the MPPI sickness & unemployment and sent letters off to the bank themselves regarding the complaint. Ive completed those and sent them off recorded delivery today. They have also sent me a further complaint pack with regards to MPPI life assurance and critical illness. Feel a little daft now i have read between the lines: The policy for the Life assurance & critical illness is for £19,650 and expires in 2027 (25 years) this for joint cover for me and my partner and is paid at £31 per month. I only have a mortgage o
  13. Yes, spoke to them on the phone,gave them policy numbers and dates etc, explained to them that i thought i needed them to secure the mortgage, and didn't know i could cancel them within the duration of the mortgage. Obviously we were first time buyers at this time and didn't fully understand what we needed. Anyway they have given me 2 referenece numbers and sending letters off to the companies involved. They have 8 weeks to respond,FOS are also going to write to me to confirm my complaint is being dealt with.
  14. I have been in contact with FOS via telephone, explained what insurances was taken out when we got the mortgage. She is dealing with both issues and the main compliant is that we thought that both insurances had to be in place for the duration of the mortgage agreement,so basically the cancellation of both polices wasn't clear. FOS are now going to be issuing complaint letters to the bank in question and ive been given 2 reference numbers for either case. So fingers crossed!
  15. Due this issue being all over the news / net E.T.C, i decided to look into my own MPPI and life insurance. We took a small mortgage out for £22,000 in october 2002, at the same time we took out a tailored mortgage and repay protection as well as life assurance and critical illness cover on the same date, this was sold to us thinking that we needed it to secure the mortgage. Looking at it now i didn't need the mppi this is due to me being paid in full by my employer if i became sick and the policy not paying out in such cases,and the mortgage could have also been covered by my partne
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