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  1. PRA are on dodgy ground. Is this MBNA to Experto/Varde to Aktive Kapital and transferred to PRA? When was it first transferred to experto? Caps
  2. Its high numbers similar to this case, and complicated. I have a CFA in place. Yes S77/78 complied with but not S61 Caps Good luck for today
  3. Both as one and the same. The original papers they raised (solicitors service) were in the name of Ak, but they applied to courts before serving in May to change mine to PRA. Didnt Ak change officially in Nov/Dec 2014 to PRA PS hence my comment about the witness statement being in the wrong name. It should have been changed by PRA to PRA from AK.
  4. Typical. Bastards. Chivers are on mine too. I have my fingers crossed for you Johno. Give them hell as they deserve to be in it. In my case my account became SB on April of this year but they applied to the courts and held it back until the End of May. I have been fortunate to find a good solicitor to help me and am going for improper execution. Caps
  5. who are the solicitors? J&P or Chivers? another quick question, as the devil is in the detail. Their witness statement refers to themselves as AK. But surely they are PRA Group now? Only mention it as my claim (Same DCA) applied directly to the court to change it.
  6. how come you are in court sooner than specified above?
  7. looking at the cca, it is incomplete. The front refers to section11 which doesnt appear. The reverse also refers to clauses not contained in the document but another document. I would say inproper execution is the way to go.
  8. I think I must be having a blonde moment. What would they gain by issuing a second default notice? Unless of course the argument for the account being in dispute was soley based upon a defective default notice.
  9. Thats interesting. I am in a position where AK have asked to see my envelope ( which I do have). I have sought advice from two different places. One said the same as your solicitors and felt they could try and issue a replacement default notice, despite me accepting their unlawful termination. The other said only MBNA could issue the default notice and not the DCA.
  10. Hi there Meebroke, long time no speak. Quick question, your argument was based around the unlawful rescind, and you kept the original envelope it came in? What was the response by AK or the court regarding this as evidence? Was it presented and proved to be sent 2nd class? Thanks Caps
  11. Hi Dotty No change with me, lets see what the next couple of weeks hold
  12. I very much doubt it. You dont know the facts of my case, as I dont update my thread, for reasons I have shared with you. I think you should be very careful before making comments like the ones above. You dont know how it makes me feel. I used to come to this forum for support from people going through similar circumstances. I really dont need comments like the one above. I am all too well aware of Lowells MO. So far I have handled this on my own. I dont need reasons to become depressed Ford. Clearly this Forum isnt what it used to be, with its negativity and poor advice.
  13. Oh dear Ford. I can really understand why folks have drifted away from this site with comments like that above. Once this site offered support where folks needed it. It has gone down hill.
  14. Any update MeeBroke? How was your day in court?
  15. AH looks like they have crossed in the post. Fingers crossed for you Dotty
  16. Hi Dotty, Did they ever get back to you re CCA request? Surely they cant SD you whilst this is outstanding? I'll PM you with my update
  17. And with the new split between Lloyds and TSB it may not have improved their efficiency and filing techniques that they were so good at LOL
  18. Is the original poster based in Scotland? Surely its six years not five for Statue Barred.
  19. hopefully it will be good news for you
  20. If you havent received it yet Ford, looks like yours got stuck at the back of the drawer
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