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  1. sorry mate a bit confused due to a hijak of thread. Ok you said another ticket was issued for the same incident. yes?? The second PCN (I've titled the above threads) was received but to be honest I have no idea why they issued it to me. The location on the all the PCNs are the same, my name, address and car registration are all correct to me. why was your p&d ticket invalid.?? were you parked legally?? The signs were pretty confusing so I thought I'd buy a ticket up to 8pm as that was the end time on the signs and the ticket machine. I'll go and take some pics if that helps.
  2. Please find attached below their response: Glad to hear you spotted something... Letter of response:
  3. The rest of the NTO has been posted above. I will get the rejection letter scanned in tomorrow hopefully! Damn broken scanner! Thanks for being patient.
  4. can you get this straight you parked legally as yiu were showing a valid pay and dispaly ticket as posted. - That's correct but they are disputing that my ticket is not valid. You appealed on the basis that the vehicle details were incorrect as the pcn shows a seat and the nto shows a volswagon, not metioning that the ticket was on display - The first appeal mentioned that I had displayed a valid ticket. The second appeal mentioned the car details being incorrect. To which on the same day of sending the second letter, I had received the 3rd PCN (my last attached picture). They t
  5. Upon receipt of the above I had challenged the PCN (via post) that the vehicle was not mine, though the registration was correct, all the other details were wrong (hence they have not been blanked out). But later on the same day to when I had gone to the post office to send my second challenge letter, I had received the PCN below: Unfortunately this did contain the correct details, however that shouldn't change my original case of "they have issued the PCN incorrectly as I had a pay and display ticket" right :confused: And to my dismay, the charge had increased to £80! From my u
  6. The PCN below was received via the post after I had sent them my first letter challenging the offence. I have only attached the front sheet (of four sheets). 2nd PCN:
  7. The pay and display ticket and the original PCN that got stuck onto my car's windscreen. I will be attaching the responses I have been receiving further below.
  8. Sod's law has been unkind to me! Scanner is broken! I'll borrow one on sunday night and will post the PCN up then...
  9. I was issued with a PCN for parking in a space displaying an invalid permit. The sentence is more detailed but I hope the point comes across okay. I contested the PCN within 14 days as I had paid for a pay and display ticket and stuck it on my dashboard. They came back to me about 6 weeks later to say the challenge had been reviewed but denied and upheld their PCN. Their response letter had mentioned two things with regards to dates: first being that I must not pay later than the last day of the period of 28 days beginning with the date of which the notice is served. And secon
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