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  1. Ahh thank you all. SpiceSkill - I wouldn't say the account has been fantastically run - I've been not paid on time a number of times and a few times I haven't been able to shuffle money around to cover my back. Still we shall see. I do know exactly how much money I am owed so I'm not too worried about that. Manual interventions come up on the statements too. Will keep you posted - its been 9 days since I sent my first letter and I haven't had anything back from anyone yet.
  2. Hello I sent the preliminary letter on the 1st of June - recorded delivery to my branch. Hopefully there are no problems as I used all of my statements from the online banking system to add up a whopping £836 worth of charges. I could write and ask for all my statements but I'm not sure that it is actually worth it? ANy views on this? So I'm going to wait until the 14th and then I shall sent the LBA letter. I wonder what kind of response I'm going to get from the delightful HSBC, quite looking forwards to going to court if it comes to it!! Has anyone had their bank account clos
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