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  1. ive just noticed the date on the letter they sent saying i spoke to them in 2006 abou tthe debt is dated 2nd june 2008!!! thats got to be illegal to date things in the past!!
  2. ive just noticed the letter they have sent telling me i spoke to them in 2006 is datd 2nd june 2008!!! how can they do that????
  3. there are 3 accounts so do i need to send 3 lots of £10??? should i use a postal order ??
  4. i have recieved a letter from DCA saying the baliffs will be coming for goods i live in my partners house where all the belongings are his, i was evicted from my own rented property about 3 years ago and lost all my stuff with the debt to that house, what can they take from this house if they come, my partner is going mad as everything here is his not mine, only thing i own is clothes (and hes bought most of them) i dont work and dont claim benefits ive just finished a degree at uni, what shoudl i do??
  5. ive emailed the complaint off, what should i expect to happen now???
  6. what will doing this mean ???? can you explain what this will do im so fed up with it all"!!!!!
  7. IVE filled out the complaint form and emailed it today, i dont own anything anyway everything in the house belongs to him, but this is causing several problems between us!!
  8. they snet the letter about the so called phone calls last thursday saying i had 14days to respond to them then this morning they have sent me final notice to pay them the full money or they will take action against my goods!!! what should i do???? i dont work, live in my partners house and dont own a thing and this debt is stautue barred they are just a bunch of bullies can i continue to ignor them????
  9. ok thanks for your help, they seem to send me a letter every couple of days they really are harrassing me, but i have been getting letters of other debt collectors for the same debts such as mackenike hall and some one called pace forword!!!
  10. is there a temp for this letter??? what should i expect back it says that notes on the screen can prove its me but how does that confirm that it was actually me they spoke to???
  11. i recieved some letters from rockwell debt regarding some debts from 2002 which as far i was concenered where statue barred as i have not made contact or payment since 2003, i sent the SB letter which they have replyed to saying that infact in 2006 i agreed to pay 10 a month, this they tell me was in a phone converstation which i do not think took place!!! ?:-o what can i do i didnt agree to pay anything this should be staute barred and they are trying to get out of it what can i do????????????????
  12. today i have recieved a reply to the SB letter they say that i contacted them in 2006 by phone and agreed to pay 10 per month i do not recall doing this, doesnt the SB letter say that it has to be in writting what can i do i made no offer in 2006 as i was in the stage of denial and ignored all my debts then i need help and advise!!!
  13. how do you get confirmation a debt is staute barred??? ive got rockwell on my back for a debt which i dont think i have had anything to do with since 2004???
  14. i cant work out how to start a thread and need some help and advise 2 days ago i came home to find letters regardding debt from 2002 it is from intellegant finance a branch of halifax which has been sold to rockwell the letter is dated this year but tells me they bought the debt in 2005 there is also a letter on intellgieant finance letter head dated this year saying they sold the debt to another agency in 2005!!!! im confussed about what toi do think i made my last payment to them in 2003 however could not sware to this!!!!! and can recall no contact from them since 2004, i have today reciev
  15. I have recieved a letter today saying similar to that above saying i owe 107 to the water board for an address i lived at 5 years ago i am unsure if i owe the debt ( i thought i had paid it but it is possible i havent) what should i do????
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