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  1. I completely concur! Besides I understand that DYLs can have various regulation assignments, depending on accompanying signage, and the possibilty for setdown of passengers if there's no indication to the contrary (being of the DfT type). Just found this from cursory search (https://www.drivingtesttips.biz/double-yellow-lines.html) So even then its actual stipulation is not always obvious!
  2. Got a reply from Solihull council: "Dear xxxxx Further to your enquiry I can inform you that Trinity Park is privately owned. There are currently no Solihull council Traffic Regulation Orders applicable to this road. I trust this information will be useful. Regards Steve Hawley Engineer, Sustainable Travel & Highway Management Managed Growth Directorate Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, The Council House, Manor Square, Solihull B91 3QT Telephone: 0121 704 6424 " So no Traffic orders; but I did ask for any historical, so I'm presuming that it's been the case for some time.
  3. That sounds like what I was saying or at least meant dx! But I will read up more on it!
  4. It sounds like you've got the 'inside track' on them! They sound veritibly puny! Presumably then if they continue to pursue the case onwards from a debt recovery agency, it becomes null and void, unless they buy the debt or send it back to be administered/communicated through the PPC?
  5. Hi have put in an email request with Solihull council for historic TROs after an online chat. Just waiting to hear back
  6. ericsbrother has suggested on my thread that if it goes to court, and it is the same court, that we could ask to have our judgments held at the same hearing, presuming that we don't get a 'rogue' judge! I'm not sure how that works with the different stages and timing of the payment demands. FYI Received final demand from debt recovery co., TRACE, on Friday (dated 22/10/19 with 7 days to remedy). It goes to their legal dept next and they may instruct solicitors there after. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=34732
  7. Just to update and keep the paper trail for viewing, I received the final demand from debt recovery, TRACE. Given 7 days to remedy from date of printing, 22/10/19, received on Fri 25/10 Trace_debt_recovery_final_demand.pdf
  8. I'm up to the debt recovery letter (from 'TRACE') received late September, nothing else received to date; it's likely to be a protracted process!
  9. Thanks for that suggestion, it would make sense, at least if the judge doesn't lose his marbles!
  10. Yes, I will try and request that from the council if I can't find it online. If spy cars are a no-no according to ATA, then presumably it would be thrown out of court at that point (it would be easy enough to demonstrate because of the angle of photo and the slight shift in frame on the subsequent photo - at least on mine)?
  11. Interesting, it doesn't strike me as a taxi first up, but equally if it's a dedicated cam car would it warrant the time spent hanging around the street late into the evening on the chance that someone is found waiting or parked?.. That could only suggest there are plenty of infractions to make it viable, I would have thought at least 2 or more per day!
  12. Thanks for your insight Mrs O'Frog, it will be interesting to hear from EB as no doubt it would be the nail in the coffin for their demands (though getting the evidence may be more problematic )
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