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  1. Congratulations, well done for sticking it out! Thanks from me too.. on getting back on this! All this extra information and points made help in future handling of potential further procedures and hearings. Particularly picking up on the fact of a lack of parking bay demarcation along the sides of the road to complement the request to park on the signage. I have not heard for a little while now, since the last threat sent with their 'case' evidence package (which is pitiful in its conviction anyway); mine is issued with only a paltry 2 mins contravention.
  2. I was just wondering if there is any need to reply to this last letter (as it is not an LBA).. I presume not, or just leave it till they feel like wasting more money on the cause and send me further demands? Also just to highlight one of the contradictions I was referring to earlier; at the end of the letter it offers me 60 days to pay up and then goes on to give me only 30 days, does this give them less credence from a legal perspective?
  3. Hi again, looks like Gallstones are back for another round in the ring... it appears these guys just can't get enough being slapped around and wasting paper! In my opinion there are a couple of glaring contradictions in their cover letter to me. Plus inviting me to come in and be fined is a bit weird! They also inserted a 3rd photo of the car spanning the immense period of 2 minutes. Gladstones_demand_w_evidence_dated150520.pdf
  4. I can't imagine if they bothered to read in to the letter that they did not wonder 'what's going on here!'.. hard to know if there is bluff or wilful ignorance going on!
  5. Here's the letter I got back from UK CPM.. I wonder if they twigged!? CPM_reply to LBC replies to GS_adj.pdf
  6. I will send a copy of the 2 letters to 'UK CPM' by post on Monday (when the mobile post office shows up again anyway) without any accompanying writing!
  7. Got the slimmed-down version, thanks to dx100uk (as adjusted in my relevant post above), handed in this morning at the mobile post office; and no mention of post regulations etc. Sounds like a great idea.. that may put the cat amongst pigeons! Hopefully they may start arguing amongst themselves instead Should I send both letters to them then? And would I add something by way of introduction; something along the lines of: 'I though it may be instructive for you to know that your solictors (Gladstones) cum private parking association (IPC) are misleading their clie
  8. Just wondering what you think of the letter I drafted above. I'm hoping to send it out in the mail tomorrow when the mobile post office arrives in the morning. Andyorch suggested that the Postal Services Act 2011 was the correct legislation for when a letter is deemed served; I presume it is still 2 days as mentioned above (I couldn't find the relevant part in it) Thanks
  9. Yes, it is the course I'm currently on, so I'm just following the prescription. I might need some further advice from dx100uk or ericsbrother on this reply!
  10. Thanks Andyorch I've had a look at the Services Act and it looks like a bit of a minefield to try and find the relevant item, I have tried to search within it to no avail. Do you think it is sufficient to simply swap out in the reply letter 'Civil Procedure rules' with 'Postal Services Act 2011'?
  11. Thanks for your replies dx100uk and ericsbrother, I am going to reply back to them in the same manner that I received from them. Here's a draft of my reply for you to approve (there may be some contentious parts that you think should not be included here): -- Dear Gladstones Solicitors / militant wing of the IPC, I am writing back to you as I notice that you have failed to acknowledge in your letter dated 17th of March '20 (received 21st March) receipt of my letter dated '9th March '20' and have instead just repeated the same LBC statements. A copy
  12. Hope everyone is faring well in these difficult and restrictive times. Not sure if my last post has been viewed by advisers but am looking for advice on the best way to respond back to the solicitors reissue of the letter before claim. Thanks again.
  13. Hi, I received another LBC letter from Gladstones on Saturday 21st (dated 17th), stating the same as before requesting registration and response by 31st referencing an enclosed copy of their previous letter as if they had not received my letter in reply (of course I got a proof of postage receipt)! Seems to me like they want to feign no knowledge of it! What should my next step be; another reply via 'signed for' referring to an enclosed copy of original letter perhaps? CPM-Gladstone_Solicitors-LBC2.pdf
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