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  1. Hi there, I received an SAR back from EGG regarding loans that I took out. Egg does not seem to have sent all the CCAs for all Loans and Top-up loans. I wonder if someone could please advise on this one? Here's a summary: LOAN 1 - In Jan 2003 I took an egg loan for £10,000 Egg did not included any CCA for this in the SAR LOAN 2 - In Nov 2003 I took an egg 'top-up' loan for £10,000 I received part payment to my bank account, the rest went to pay off LOAN 1 Egg did send the signed CCA for this loan in the SAR LOAN 3 - In Sept 2004 I took an egg loan I received pa
  2. Hey there Steven, Cheers for your comment. I just noticed that it also refers to notes 'overleaf' (on page 2, 1(D) APR). Hmm.. I cant see anything else wrong with this agreement if it is the case that pg 2 and 3 are back to back..I understand it would need to go to court for me to find out if its really back to back. Would you mind commenting on another agreement that I posted? Its a Halifax Platinum card: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/halifax-bank-bank-scotland/197244-adz-halifax-platinum-card.html Much appreciated and many thanks! Adz
  3. Hi there, I just received my CCA from Natwest for a platinum credit card applied for in 2005. It looks to me as though the original agreement is split over 3 seperate pages - At the top left of the first page of the CCA (see below), it says that I needed to return all 3 pages. This seems like a good clue as to it being spead over 3 seperate pages. My signature isnt on the same page as some of the prescribed terms - interest rate etc.. I can also see that they have some unusual way of working out the interest - it says that "There is a minimum interest charge of 50p each m
  4. Hi there, I received my responce to an SAR from Halifax (platinum Card). The card was taken out in 2003 (I think, but not sure!) I notice that: 1. They (Creditor) have not signed it 2. I have not Dated my signature 3. It looks more like an application form than a credit agreement. 4. There are no mention of default charges. It looks like the prescribed terms are on the reverse page (if it really is the reverse). There are no terms and conditions that came. Can anyone please scan over and see if there is anything i've missed? What about the fact that I h
  5. hi, FYI, it says invalid link when I try to click on the attachments - you need to upload again
  6. Hi there, I've sent an SAR to Egg for all my records (due in a couple of weeks) but managed to find this doc here at home. This is the original (my copy) of an egg loan taken out in Oct 2003. Page 1 and 2 ARE front and back of the same sheet of paper (4 corner rule). I know more about Egg Card agreements than Egg Loan agreements Does it look unenforceable to anyone? Thanks for the massive help!
  7. Angry Cat - yes, it seems that egg are in a muddle in general. I was just checking out your thread that dated back to 2006.. you have some serious history with egg there! i'm just starting with this.. Steven4064 - many thanks for your confirmation on my points raised.. I'm just not certain what the next stage is now - should I write back to egg pointing out the lack of prescribed terms? What's best letter to use? Thanks very much!
  8. Hi there Angry Cat, Yes i know, I noticed the part about PPI on there - I dont think I agreed to this during the initial signup, but they put it on there anyway. I contacted them after receiving the first couple of statements and had it removed (I think). The thing I'm not certain about is whether the fact that PPI was on there would have any effect on determining the enforceability of the agreement. Any ideas? thanks
  9. This is basically the same thing I got when I sent a CCA for my Egg loan. Its rediculous with online applications post 2004ish as creditors dont need to provide a signed agreement. They could make anything up and send it i.e. make sure its all nice and enforceable (no matter what the original looked like) then post it happily to us! Does anyone know anything more about the requirements needed by the creditor for online agreements to ensure they are enforceable? e.g. do they need to keep records of IP addresses of the computer you were using or any other technical things? Surely there m
  10. Dear all, I wonder if anyone out there can help. I've been reading though the forums over the past couple of months so am vaiguely familiar with the possible reasons for unenforceability but am not 100% sure. I sent a CCA to egg for my credit card - taken out in May 2001. I have also sent an SAR to egg (yet to receive anything). I received the document below back in response to my CCA. The quality of the original is terrible and bearly readable. My initial thoughts are that I should reply stating that the CCA that they sent is illegible and that I request one th
  11. Hi danny, For easymoney, check you're bank statements. I noticed a 16 digit number that was under each repayment transaction. I assumed this was the card/account number. I sent an SAR to their new office address (below) that is dealing with CCA SARs. I called them in advance to check if the there was record of the account number. They only have access to 6 mntsh historic data on their computer systems and the easymoney account in question was closed a long time before this. They gave me the following address to write to: Lloyds Banking Group Customer Accounts Sussex Ho
  12. Is it wise to send a proof of signature for the SAR e.g. divers license, passport? Surely MBNA could copy the signature onto a new agreement if they dont hold an original. I know that a CCA doesnt require proof of signature, but can a creditor demand to see a signature before responding to a SAR?
  13. Hi Obrob, Our SAR's must have been sitting in the same pile next to each other on a heavily laden MBNA office desk. I received the exact same response as well..(below).. also £10 postal order returned.. ------------------------------------ Dear x Thank you for your request to be provided with personal data pursuant to the Data Protection Act 1998. For security reasons we require you to provide a form of positive identification (an example of acceptable identification would be a copy of a driving licence or passport which includes the main cardholders signature). Although sta
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