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  1. Hi all, I just received my so called CCA back from Robison Way after they got it from RBS. Now i have noticed that there is no signature on this for or on behalf of RBS and also on the other side of this is JUST personal details like my address. Is there anything else i should look carefully at Sean
  2. Hi, I sent 3 complaints to Lloyds with regards to miss selling of PPi, 1) Was personnel Loan 2005 2) Was Business Overdraft 1999 3) Was Business Loan 1999 All 3 I sent identical letters with regards to them pushing it on to me saying basically if I did not take out PPi then they would have to think hard on giving me the credit etc. On the personell loan they agreed to refund and this loan was taken out in 2005. On the Business loan and overdraft they declined to refund and are saying that they contacted then manager at Lloyds who said He made us well aware of costs etc and
  3. Hi, On here I have seen a post from a former lloyds empolyee stating that they were on a points system to push to sell PPi and there bosses turned a blind eye because it meant huge bonuses, Can anyone point me in this direction of were this was, Brian
  4. I have received from Lombard Bank the form below, Is this the original as I have original myself Original Held By Me What THEY SENT ME
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  6. Hi All, Well i sent off my letters to Lloyds and Barclacard on 7/02/2009 and neither has replied. I gave them til 28/02/2009 to reply so is there a letter now to follow up or shall I just wait. Brian
  7. Hi All Just a quicl question with regards to my letter. although my original creditor was Lloyds TSB, my CCA request was sent to BLS Collections so in the letter shall i just put BLS or LLoyds TSB/BLS Collections even though Lloyds have not contacted for ages about this Sean
  8. Cheers, I received this SC&M letter funny enough today the date that the CCA request to Lloyds expires there 12+2 days. So i will send the letter thanks Brian
  9. Hi All, I sent me CCA request to Lloyds for a credit card agreement and there time is nearly up but I just received a letter from SC&M threatening me with court etc on this very account. Are they trying to threaten me into dropping it and is there a letter I can respond with and send to SC&M Brian
  10. Is the 12+2 days only working days as I posted letter on 9/02/09
  11. Hi All, I requested CCA from Connaught collections and they have replied that they are requesting it vis 1st credit from mbna and say it will take longer than the 12+2 days. There time is up . Shall I now send them another letter or wait longer. Sean
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