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  1. Where has pc999 gone? Ive never heard of financial investigation unit, if you read through all the posts here you will find all the details you need including the company address and who to contact.
  2. "We'd have to all admit that we have been very stupid." "It remains possible that they just messed up with some loan applications." Sorry mogwai1978, but I couldn't disagree with you more. The fact is that this company has preyed on many desperate people to con them out of their money by offering them loans that they never had any intention of giving. The continue to make excuses and blatantly lie to all of us when/if we eventually get to speak to them. There can be no excuses for these people, they are fraudsters, has anyone here got there money back yet??? I dont doubt that some
  3. Yep, they got me for £50 also, how are they getting away with blatant fraud!? I too will not let this one go.. Look at the momentum this thread is gaining , the number of 'scammed' consumers is growing daily.
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