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  1. ***update*** I have escalated it to the regional manager - and lo and behold the store have miraculously found a replacement. Will update if there is any change. Thanks
  2. After an eternity of phone calls, lies and half truths - my beloved PS3 is now back at the local branch and they have stated it is "beyond economic repair". I have vented some serious steam at the customer care centre, and am awaiting a callback. What's the next step ? Thanks WF
  3. Here's the latest.... Received a letter back from Brighthouse HO saying they are sorry I had to write to them, and to speak to the store manager. I have been in today and he has said to take the machine in and they will repair it in-house, free of charge, as long as they dont need to order any 'expensive' parts. He also kept reminding me it was out of warranty, despite me reminding him about the 'reasonable time' part of SOGA. I said I would think about it. I have some concerns about this. What's to stop them leaving it out-back for two weeks and then saying they can't fix it....will
  4. That sounds like another good idea - the letters are already in the post to Brighthouse unfortunately. Depending on how that goes would be better quoting the above to Brighthouse or Sony ? Thanks again
  5. Thanks for the very helpful and detailed reply.. I called the store and spoke to the deputy manager (the manager is on holiday), who politely told me they cannot help and gave me an 0800 number to call. I've spoken to lady there who is going to 'look into it' and call me back... Will update later. ....Elaine said she would phone back at 3pm. I've given till 4.30 but no call back, so I called again...guess what...they closed at 3...letters in the post...
  6. Hello all, I have a PS3 purchased from Brighthouse. I finished paying the 12 month plan last december, so it is approximately 18 months old. The PS3 has now developed a fault. Sony are requesting £150 to send me a 're-manufactured' one. Is there an avenue I can press Brighthouse on, or should I be looking at my contents insurance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks WF
  7. One final question - how long before this will be removed from my credit file (It's still there). When I spoke to the court last time they said they would send the details somewhere. When I emailed Equifax about it they took sixteen days to reply and answered as if it had been satisfied i.e. six years...blah blah thanks oh - I almost forgot. Northumbria Water have also given me £100 compensation !!!! For the distress I have suffered....brilliant
  8. Here's the latest... Judgement set aside with no hearing. Thanks to all who helped. WF
  9. Here's the latest... Judgement successfully set aside, with no hearing. Many thanks to everyone who helped. WF
  10. Thanks, will get them both off in the morning...will update you with any further developments. And...thanks again.
  11. No, nothing in writing. This was all said on the phone at the end of last week when I made my initial queries with them. Without anything in writing, would it be a case of my word against theirs ? Or should I be requesting transcripts to send in with the n244.
  12. How's this for the evidence ? I respectfully request the court to consider the following when hearing my application: · The Claimant obtained judgement by default having served papers to my previous address and therefore I was unable to defend. · The Claimant has stated the paperwork was returned to them undelivered, and has informed me to apply for a set aside. · The Claimant has stated they closed the account on the 31/10/2005, yet the original judgement was for monies owed for the period ending 31/03/2007. · I will
  13. Thank you so much. Honestly, I really appreciate everyones help on here. A template would be wonderful. WMF
  14. Thanks brilliant thanks. The one I attached was the one I got from Northampton !! The queries I now have are: Questions 4 & 8 And would the reply to question 9 be Alexander James or the water company or both. Any help with 10 would be most appreciated. Thanks Again
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