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  1. Just wondering if there was any advice specific to the bit I was asked to post "Verbatim" as it seemed pretty central to any further advice.
  2. 1. The claim is in the sum of £xxx.xx and is in respect of monies owing on a credit agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The original creditor was Vanquis Bank Ltd under the account number xyz. The defendant failed to maintain the contractural payments due under the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served and not complied with. 2. The debt was legally assigned to the claimant by Vanquis Bank Limited and a notice of assignment was served on the defendant. 3. The claim also includes statutory interest pursuant to section 69 of the Count
  3. I can do a redacted version but not verbatim. Is this good enough?
  4. OK so the Claim document has the following information : Claim No Issue Date Claimant Address for sending documents and payments Defendant Particulars of the claim (which include the name of the organisation (Vanquis) and the account number only). The amount claimed The court fee Solicitor's costs Then two pages of notes on what to do if you either agree or don't agree with the claim. I have taken this account number, contacted Vanquis and they are investigating and will write to me with their findings in 7-10 business days.
  5. Yep I'm aligned with all of that. Since the faux pas on my part I 'm trying to get more organised. To that end I do have an electronic document filing system at home and I'm trying to get my better half to email me the claim form. Then I can get more details to you guys. Appreciate the help. Let's see what I can dig up for you in the short term.
  6. OK. So the claim form contains no supporting documents. I will dig it out tonight and post the particulars. I have to admit I cannot see what this has to do with the next step, which sounds like get the supporting documentation from Northampton County Court. In between times if anyone knows what the next step is, in who to contact, address or phone number to get this information I can get the ball rolling immediately. Tonight I will get the claim form and post any specifics on here if anyone would be so kind as to offer futher advice based on this.
  7. I received a form. It had a claim reference on it. It stated who the claimant was, the amount. I have copies of this at home, I will did this out tonight. I am certain it was only a few sides and did not have any supporting evidence. Right. So as I understand it, applying to a judgement set aside can only happen once a judgement has been entered. You would not apply to have it set aside before the court date, rather you would defend the claim, which in this case I failed to do. Good to know for future reference. However in this case it doesn't actually help as the cla
  8. Also to clarify, I received letters from Lowells. Cease and desist letter was sent. Then the letters came from Drydens. No further cease and desist letter was sent. I failed to defend the claim and a CCJ is now entered against me. I don't believe the letter from the court contained any case evidence whatsoever. I do have a claim number and I shall contact the court today in writing to ask for a copy of the supporting documentation.
  9. And if I failed to defend the claim form as I was working away at the time?
  10. I have already filed the application to have the judgement set aside and am waiting on a hearing date. Who do i contact for the document? The court or Drydens? Thanks
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