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  1. Small piece of late breaking news: The manufactuers have not delivered this months customer orders into Sofa Workshop. This could be nothing but going on past issues I'm guessing they are on their last legs. I feel really sorry for the staff at Sofa Workshop they just get shoved around pillar to post. But then I suppose the current investigation into Sofa Workshop and their practices isn't helping!
  2. Dear caedelus, Whilst I am a vehement promoter of valid debate and welcome your comments, what I will not do is debate with someone who is not as they appear. Having worked at Sofa Workshop for many years I made many long term friends whom I still keep in contact with and I can assure they aren't happy with current trends. In fact the above quote you used came from the mouths of four separate current members of staff. As for your final comment I can assure that no person on this thread is judging the staff in fact we sympathize with them, whom we are judging is the higher powers.
  3. The latest news from Sofa Workshop is that all customer service is based on cost, i.e if your problem costs too much they won't fix it!!!!
  4. Thanks Martin3030, I will!
  5. I would be very interested to know the name of the TV programme, if someone could PM me with it, as I really don't want to miss it! Also in the lastest news, there is now a fight between owners for the position of MD(managing director). A fight because no one wants to do it, no one wants to be at the top when the roof collaspes!!!
  6. Does anyone know how there doing in the new sale period?
  7. Hi Jeffo, Having worked in the furniture industry for a few years and in every aspect from making to selling, I can tell you whole heartedly that no sofa can be made in a day, unless it has already been made and is waiting for delivery. In terms of your financial documents keeping hold of them will carry no weight at all, it will just delay the delivery of your sofa and annoy DFS as if this was purchased using a interest free agreement DFS have to pay to cancel the agreement with the finance company. Your best avenue is whats know as your 30 day cooling off period, which you should find i
  8. Thanks very much monkeychicken that would be much appreciated, I just wanted to know what documents to take in with me.
  9. Hi rebel11, thanks for your advice, in this case though there is no respondent as the company is insolvent, so I will be in the hearing with just the judge!
  10. Hi All, I need some quick advice I have a remedy hearing coming up soon for protective award and received confirmation of this via letter, I am representing myself so all correspondence comes straight to me. In the aforementioned letter it stated that I should bring 4 copies of agreed bundle of documents but I have no idea what to take, can some please help? Many thanks Bond1982
  11. Has anyone read or heard anything about the buzz on the net at the moment that sofa workshop is in trouble again?
  12. Yes but once again this is a franchise store! Seeing as they originally wanted to get rid of their only franchise store 'Chester' it seems strange how they have now opened two more! Desparation anyone?
  13. and putney did close on friday the 31st!
  14. it seems the death march is playing for sofa workshop as putney is going to close next week!
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