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  1. did your husband speak to somebody from dvla medical services or just a normal operator when i was diagnosed with medium level sleep apnea 5 years ago i spoke to dvla medical services and they sent me a form to fill out and send back ,with information about my condition ,consultant etc.they then informed me a few weeks later that i was ok to carry on driving the same thing happened 2 years ago when i had a pacemaker fitted to cure an arrythmia problem i cannot understand why they would want your husband to surrender his licence for mild sleep apnea, they might have just meant temporari
  2. sorry for my mistake ref O.T i was concentating on my typing (very poor on the computer skills)
  3. i would just like to say that i agree with Edwincad with regards his comments about ginng to see the doctor as your first step. I would suggest you write down all your difficulties on a piece of paper and discuss with the doctor the problems that you have you state in one paragraph that you dont need dla then state in the next that you have trouble with your balence and difficulties with the stairs, so it would seem that you are having trouble with your mobility which is what dla is designed for. having gone through the process of my wife getting a diagnosis of a neurological condition ove
  4. as RaeUK says it is the quality of the supporting evidence that helps your claim. When you initially filled out the application did you answer the questions in great detail? i hope you don.t mind me asking,do you have joint hypermobility syndrome
  5. bazooka boo at the bottom of post 10,chatsworth states the payments will be from his wife,s account
  6. chatsworth2409 back again a bit late in the evening, this post was going to advice about posting on the open forum as per site rules. there your post would have a wider and more knowledgeable audience,and very quickly that is what has happened many thanks to bazooka boo and peterbard for their input regards stoney47
  7. just found it ,im afraid i have to go out for a couple of hours, i will be back on this evening about nine o,clock
  8. i,m afaid i dont kknow how to do it myself,my computer skills are very basic. i think if you click on the black tringle you can get help from the site team stoney47
  9. i think mr southwood-evans is at the caerphilly address,i used e-mail stoney47
  10. if you are certain that you have not had a noa from either company,then i would suggest writing to both company,s asking them to confirm their position and sit back and wait for their reply,s it has to have been assigned correctly.
  11. chatsworth2409 when i phoned link to get their e-mail address, I was told that mr southwood-evans was the main man in the legal dept. they need to appreciate the fact that you will be paying back all your debt and that you have an approved arrangement by the court. did you received a notice of assignment,because if that has not been sent to you,then keep on with ge money
  12. chatsworth2409 i think you are right with regards your question in post 21,i think it would not do any harm to contact them,verifying your position and asking them to state whether they accept it or not. how are you at letter writing? can you tell me what were your original loan repayments
  13. chatsworth 2409 did you speak again to your IVA supervisor? stoney47
  14. sounds like a good idea,hope you and your wife have a good week. stoney47
  15. my advice would be similar to count orlok,and carry on making your normal payments,if they don,t like it then they can use the courts. was there a notice of assignment amongst your wife,s letters from link. if not ask them to prove they have the right to collect from you there is a man in links legal dept called Stephen Southwood-Evans, his e-mail address is ssouthwoodevans@linkfinancial.co.uk hopefully you can sort this fairly quickly.as others have said i would not talk to their phone operators regards stoney47
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