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  1. Andy - and all - you may know this already, but you should also block out any bar codes as these may contain reference numbers etc... You may wish to cover these up in your post?
  2. Update - Halifax did the same as have read on here quite a few times - sent a standard t+c with a photocopy agreement, just a word doc that they added my name and address to. Odd how they have the 'new' penalty scheme in it, given that it was taken out years ago! So I sent them a 'is now in default of my cca request' letter, and they responded with... A letter from IQor and a phone call - have sent IQor a bemused letter and a telephone harrassment letter. Surely Halifax can't pass the debt on to a different DCA when it's in dispute? Is it worth complaining to the OFT?
  3. Anyone else notice that if you apply for credit, it seems to trigger a flux of letters from DCA's etc - how do they get the info? Seems like the CRA's are passing on information..?
  4. Anyone know of a piece of legislation, or more generally what the 'rules' are about undertaking a credit search of someone (to use in my formal complaint)?
  5. Having checked my credit file, I can see that Mackenzie Hall have made 12 credit searches of me over 18 months - without my permission, of course - how the heck can they do that and can I get them removed?
  6. It's the second time - the first time I called them and they gave me the usual 'we will refund as a gesture of goodwill' and 'on this occassion we will refund the charge' etc. This one is a bit different becasue they have written to advise of a charge to be applied on the 16th May - that's why I'm a bit stuck for a response to them - any advice?
  7. I've noticed quite a few posts refering to proposed home visits. Has anyone ever received a home visit, and what happened?
  8. Halifax have written to me today saying that they are going to charge me £35 for not being able to pay a DD for £48 due to lack of funds - is there a letter template I can use to amend and send to prevent this?
  9. Update - I've had the default removed! I threatened them with court action and complained to the OFT, today I had a letter saying that their 'trace' had wrongly identified me and that they were instructing the CRA's to remove the default...
  10. Sorry, it is a bit confusing - if you look over on the right hand side, then down a bit, it says 'download file'
  11. To cut a long story short - I CCA'd Wescot who were chasing me on behalf of Halifax. Wescot didn't reply to the CCA in time so I defaulted them and placed the account in dispute. Today I received this letter: Store & Serve - File hosting for the internet made easy using file upload! and this as their CCA: Store & Serve - File hosting for the internet made easy using file upload! The letter from Halifax talks about not required to provide a copy of the original signed agreement? Isn't that wrong for a start? Can someone take a look - and I hope I've posted it in the right place... Thanks Lapchien
  12. Yes, ID theft is something that I had considered as well, so I'm sort of looking forward to dealing with this one. Does anyone have an opinion regarding defence along the SB route? Is the claim stage of a ccj 'too late' to request a CCA?
  13. I signed a membership with Banatynnes in January this year. I no longer want the membership. I did sign an application form. On the form there is a printed note stating that 'members payments of a minimum of 12 monthly subscriptions include a 10% finance charge'. Because of this, isn't the membership agreement subject to the consumer credit act and the provisions therein?
  14. Admins: Hi, I think this needs to be moved to a new thread - However, this may be a new campaign by Rockwell's because I received exactly the same thing this week! The so called IF headed paper is nothing of the sort, it's just a mock up, done by Rockwell. I sent them the SB letter and they sent one back within 2 days saying that they were seeking further information from their client and would get back to me shortly. I can't wait! Has anyone else had a Rockwell/IF letter recently?
  15. A few weeks ago, during an application for a car loan, I was informed that I have a ccj registered against me at an old address, registered in Jan 2007. I moved out of that address in 2003. I was amazed, especially as I subscribe to checkmyfile, I queried this with them and they said it was because of a slightly different spelling of my former address? Anyway, it is now there, registered at the Northampton Bulk Centre. I called them, and they told me it was Lloyds. I can honestly say I can't imaging what it was for. I did have an account with them about 8 years ago, no credit card, just a bank account, checking my statements I think the worst state ever was an overdraft of about £1k. I have sent an application to have the ccj set aside on the grounds that I was unable to respond to the claim form becuase I did not live there, given the length of time betweek move out and ccj. If the debt is down to me, I suspect that it would be SB'd, having no recollection of it, and certainly no acknowledgment of it for at least 6 years. So - sorry to go on - I understand that if the set aside is allowed, it will go back to the point where the ccj was submitted to the court - is that correct? And could I then issue a defence that the amount claimed was SB? Is there anything I should do at this stage, prior to the set aside, and does anyone know how long it will take before a hearing to decide the set aside will take place? Thanks Lapchien
  16. Hi, I'm in a similar position, I found out yesterday that I have a CCJ registered at an old address. I moved out of the address in 2004, the CCJ was registered in January 2007, I found out about it is April 2009! What do you feel my chances of getting it set aside, given the length of time between moving out and having the CCJ registered? Really want this set aside, I'm sure that it will be either SB or no CCA will be available. The CCJ is for £19,000 and I can't think who it might be. I will be ringing the court (Northampton, btw), asfter Easter on Tuesday. Any thoughts anybody?
  17. I opened the account around 2007, I am guessing but I think that the amount relates to an unauthorised overdraft. I have not made any payments to the account since 2007, nor have I acknowledged it.
  18. I have an account on my credit file that refers to an account held with Lloyds, now being chased by Lowells. I CCA'd them, not really knowing what the Lloyds account was, and they responded with: We refer to your request for a copy of your original credit agreement in accordance with the provisions of the section 77(1) and / or 78(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. This account from which the above amount is due relates to a bank account that you held with Lloyds. While this account is a regulated agreement I would refer you to Section 74(b) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 whereby any requirement to supply a copy of the agreement is exempt for current bank accounts. We would now request that you please call the number below to arrange re-payment of this debt by return. Is what they are saying correct, and what should be my response to them? Thanks Lapchien
  19. Should a request for a statement go to my local branch or to a different address? Is there a template or formal method for requesting one?
  20. Just want to say a big thank-you to all the mods and users of this site; after years of being scared to death of who might be knocking on my door I'm back in control of my life, knowing what total ars**les these DCAs are, responding with CCA requests and other letters is really taking the game back to them. I actually look forward to their letters now! Yes, I was stupid a few years ago, and I wouldn't get myself into the same state today, they've had their last penny out of me for good. They really are the lowest of the low, total ****. They don't like it up 'em, do they?! Lap
  21. Yup, great thread here! Being chased by Wesnot via Halifax, CCA's them well over the 12+2 days, with proof of delivery. Nothing heard until today when I received a Short Settlement Offer of 75%! They haven't acknowledged receipt of my CCA request - how should I respond, maybe with an S10 or is there a different reply (given this 75% offer). Thanks Lapchien
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