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  1. The crudites are fightling for their lives, the sooner they get wiped off the map the better. The author of the letter from 1st crud thinks he is a decent wordsmith who can use snippets of transcripts taken mostly out of context in order to baffle their 'clients', but we know better
  2. I contacted the EH at the local council this afternoon, the 'as useless as a chocolate teapot' lady said that they could not do anything and it was down to the LL. The house I've rented was u/f, moved here from the city centre where I had a f/f self contained apartment, and very nice it was. I've spent £5k furnishing the house. All in all I'm not pleased. The LL seems v. unwilling to want to do anything, every time I contact the agents they say 'they have emailed the LL...' and I have to constantly (twice a day) ping the agents for a response.
  3. Not sure on the BC, will check it and let you know. I don't recall reading it though. Monthly 795, deposit held with third party company, 895.
  4. I picked up the keys on a Friday afternoon, I couldn't even stay in the house until a few days later because of the smell. I had no time to let the agents know; I had the cleaners out on Saturday morning. I've already thought about this, and also told the agents about it - no response from them.
  5. It was £125. The guy did say that he found it impossible to remove the smell from the room. Likewise he was unable to remove the 2 yellow stains from the landing (these were not noted on the inventory, only 'normal traffic'). I sleep in the loft conversion above the room. I've had to swat or spray a few dozen flies over the last 2 weeks, perhaps these are coming from that room below me? It's seems odd to have so many flies in December.
  6. There's floorboards, probably in quite a state - the room is the main bedroom, and it's on the first floor. The carpet is of quite good quality, with 'proper' underlay. If they were to replace it I would want them to do so with another of equal standard. The house was for sale for quite some time before I rented it - the landlord is a first time landlord and is only renting it because he could not sell it.
  7. As "The landlord has already told the agent that he wants 'them to deal with the matter as his agent'." then what did the Agent say when/if they inspected? The rep from the agency told me that there was an overpowering smell in the whole property when she did the inventory. By the time she came to inspect I had already had the carpets cleaned, and just the 1 bedroom was left stinking. She agreed that there was a strong smell, making the room unusable, and that they would leave it for a week to see if it went away. This inspection was carried out on 20th November, and I only have my written notes from the meeting - nothing signed or formally stated at that meeting.
  8. The main responses, by email from the agents over this, are: We still haven’t heard back from the landlord regarding this issue. did report her findings to him. I emailed him yesterday and have tried calling today and yesterday but his phone is off. He may be away. I will let you know his response when I hear back but from previous conversations I can’t see that he will be willing to do anything further with this as he feels he had the whole house professionally cleaned out of good will before the tenancy was taken on. And an email from the agents just yesterday: I have managed to speak with the landlord today. Unfortunately he has declined the offer of a meeting as he would rather we as his managing agents deal with the issues on his behalf. As discussed the landlord is not prepared to do anything further with the carpets as they were professionally cleaned prior to the commencement of the tenancy.
  9. I read somewhere that I have a legal right to know the address of the landlord, the house is rented through a letting agency. Is that right? I've no problem with moving out sooner, I just need it sorted... The landlord has already told the agent that he wants 'them to deal with the matter as his agent'.
  10. I invited the agent and landlord to a meeting to discuss (and smell!) this issue, the landlord declined and said that he feels he has behaved reasonably by having the carpet cleaned prior to the tenancy. I did read on one of the forums that bicarbonate of soda can remove doggie smells, I tried it and it worked - until the following day, when I went back in to the room and the stink has returned. Added to this the smell has gone into some of my clothes and bedding I have stored in a wardrobe in that room. Not sure where to go next - I'm thinking of court action to: lower the monthly rent to reflect a 3 bed house rather than the 4 bed I am paying for cost of laundering the clothes and bedding Any thoughts on this? Thanks Lapchien
  11. An update. SCM have sent me a barely legible loan agreement, plus copies of every statement from my old current account. These 2 accounts (the loan and bank account o/d) make up their entire claim. They have also sent me a part 36 offer to either accept the whole, and pay it back in 'reasonable installments' or they will accept a one-off payment of half the amount claimed. They have not so far complied with my request for copies of the defaut notices. Question. Were this to proceed to trial, would they require the original agreement in court, and not a microfiche copy? On the bank account, there's no o/d interest or charges save for £25, I'm struggling to see how I can defend that, other than if they have unlawfully terminated my account with a faulty DN. Any comments? Thanks Lapchien
  12. CCA Link http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx259/fordvanman/CCAgreement1.jpg Interestingly the so called agreement the Lloyds sent me is almost identical to the one posted here - except that at the top left they've added 'credit agreement regulated by the cca 1974' - it's a bit wobbly and def. looks like someones added it after. Forgery or what! Anyway, I'm looking forward to the producing it in court, the gits!
  13. I viewed a 4 bedroom house on a warm day, all of the doors and windows were open when I arrived. I told the agent I wanted to go ahead with the tenancy, and all was agreed. 3 weeks later I collected the keys to the house. Upon entering the house, there was a musky smell, that I assumed was damp (the house had not been lived in for a while). However, in one of the upstairs bedrooms the stink was really bad - so bad that you couldn't stay in their! I called Service Master out to clean the carpet, and also the landing and stairs, the previous occupiers must have had a dog as the hall carpet stunk of 'dog'. On the landing there are 2 yellow stains that the cleaner could not remove. In spite of this cleaning, after 3 weeks the smell in that bedroom is still just as bad. The hall is okay, unless you put your nose to the carpet, when you will be able to smell the dog. The agent has sent 2 people from the estate agents out, they have both said that the room has a very strong smell. I have to keep the door shut and it's very embarrasing if I show anyone around. The agents line is now becoming clear - they say that the landlord is probably unwilling to rectify this, saying that the "landlord had the whole house professionally cleaned prior to my moving in" (if he did he was totally ripped off) and he is accepting a lesser rent that he wanted (I did not negotiate this, I accepted the rent as it was offered). I'm only 1 month into my 12 month tenency, any advice on how to respond? Thank you Lapchien
  14. The claim form was sent to my old address in Jan 2007, they obtained judgement by default. I had it set aside in July this year as I did not receive it, the judge gave them 14 days to send a copy of it to my new address. They did that a few weeks ago, I submitted an embarrased defence and I received the AQ yesterday.
  15. I've received an AQ, form N150, could do with some help completing it, particularly section F. Thanks Lapchien
  16. Are there any offshore banks that can be used for day to day banking? I don't want to give these &*&&!* another penny of my money
  17. Jax, I had a similar issue, a ccj issued to me at an old address, nearly 3 years ago! I applied to have it set aside on the ground sthat I did not receive it and therefore was unable to defend it. This was my thread
  18. Ready to file my defence then - on the court response pack, should I write 'see attached sheet' and attach a sheet with the defence typed up (I'll post up what I intend to send here first)?
  19. 7. The Claimant fails to plead that this claim concerns an agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act, 1974. However, the Claimant claims interest pursuant to section 69 of the County Courts Act, 1984 which the Claimant should surely know they are not entitled to by virtue of the County Courts (Interest on Judgment Debts) Order, 1991 (SI 1991 No. 1184 (L. 12)) in particular section 2(3)(a), which clearly prohibits such an award: (NOTE: here you will need to check the POC, if the claimaint does say this is an agreement under the CCA 1974 then you will need to amend to say " The claimant pleads that this is an etc, ") Their POC: The Claimants are Bankers whose registered address is xxxxxxxx The Defendant is indebted to the Claimants in the sum of £xxxxx, in respect of accounts maintained by the Defendant with the Claimants said Branch being money lent to the Defendant by way of an agreement(s) regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. In breach of the agreement, ther Defendant failed to make payment and on the xx/xx/05 the Claimants did issue a Default Notice pursuant to section 87(i) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. By letter of xx/xx/06, from the Claimants to the Defendant, the Claimants demanded repayment of the said sum, but the Defendant has failed to repay the sum or any of it. In the premises, the Defendant is indebted to the Claimants in the sum of £ xxxxx THE CLAIMANTS THEREFORE CLAIM THE BALANCE DUE UNDER THE AGREEMENT: £xxxxx
  20. Done. I need to file a holding defence - correct? They almost certainly wont respond to the cpr request, they are in default of my SA request, even though they cashed my £10 cheque. Can you post up an embarrased defence? Upon receipt of the ED will the court send me an AQ?
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