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  1. Bman1973 Seriously, don't worry in the slightest about these clowns, they're all smoke and mirrors. The Vast majority of the stuff they claim they can do is absolutely false and designed purely to panic people into admitting and paying for a debt. What you'll find is that they're more an annoyance than a legitimate threat. Once you've received multiple copies of the same form letter, you'll realise that they're full of hot air. All they'll ever do is try to harrass you by telephone and letter. If you haven't acknowledged or made any payment on this debt in the last six years, t
  2. Bman1973, please don't lose any sleep about these people at all, they are the del boy trotters of the debt collection industry pure and simple. Global Debt Recovery has been at it for years, buying up statute barred or otherwise unenforceable debts for pennies in the pound, then trying to scare people into paying up so they make a profit. What you'll find is that they'll likely send a series of strongly worded form letters (they only have a handful of these and cycle them). They'll also go through spells of harassing you umpteen times in a day, only to go silent for weeks or months.
  3. Right, got the letters in from of me, and some facts. Looks like it's been dragging on much longer than 10 weeks. It's roughly 10 weeks since the "FINAL WARNING NOTICE" not since the fine. Goodness knows what's been going through their heads. The latest letter is a removal notice. This has obviously been going on far longer than they care to admit, and they've let it fester good and proper. Next stage in the plan I think should be to ring them, and see if permission can be given for them to speak to me, see if I can see what sort of offer of payment they'll accept. Perhaps they'
  4. Thanks Rae, yeah I wasn't sure if they were your usual DCA or an actual bailiff at first, the harrassment seemed to indicate that. Seems like they just get kicks out of being obnoxious to people. I'm pretty well clued up on bank related debts and what DCA's can and can't do, but government related stuff and bailiffs is a whole new ball game to me. Think I'll have to play piggy in the middle as they really don't understand any of this stuff. If Philips came back to them tomorrow and said they now owe them £10'000 they wouldn't think to question it.
  5. Aye there will be some errors until I clear the facts up on this one. However they do state they have not been to court to arrange payment. It's possible that they have been sent the court letter and shredded it (they are really naive and scatty), and thus I guess any case could have been heard in their absence, but I am 99% sure, that they have not physically been to court themselves. What leads me to believe this, is (along with what I was told) is that they were under the impression that it was like the criminal courts and would have to stand in front of judge jury. As someone who has
  6. Could be Darlington not Doncaster on inspection of my notes, would make sense as the "victim" is in the north east. (edit, on inspection of another thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs-sheriff-officers/205998-philips-collection-services-help-2.html Philips appear to have a Darlington and Doncaster address) Also, the person in question has offered to pay them £50 per month, which has been flatly refused, I believe (from description) that the letter is the same as the scan on page one of that thread link above.
  7. First of all apologies if the information is a bit sketchy, I'm getting the information 2nd hand from my other half via a relative who is being harrassed by these people. Secondly if it's posted in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it. It would appear the relative in question has around 10 weeks ago forgotten to declare a car as being SORN while it was off the road awaiting repair. It was off the road for only a couple of weeks. They were fined and agreed to pay back a fixed ammount via standing order every month. I'm not sure at this stage who this is to, whether it's the DVLA di
  8. I'm in the process of compiling a list of mildly cheesy songs to play to these jokers as 'hold music' the next time they ring me. I'll pop them on hold, set the .mp3's away and see how long they wait before they realise. The list so far:- I owe you nothing - Bros I can't go for that - Hall and Oates Dirty Cash - Stevie V Moneys too tight to mention - Simply Red They'll probably have hung up before the end of those, but any more suggestions? lol
  9. Yeah Global are monkeys pure and simple. They're linked with this FV-1 company and from what I gather the vast majority of the "debt" they own is either statute barred or has no signed credit agreement. They've basically bought cheaply all the crappy debt the banks don't want and are hoping they can con/scare a small percentage of people into paying up.
  10. Global Debt Recovery really are the biggest group of clowns in the known universe. From what I understand from other older threads on this site, and my own personal investigation, nearly every debt they own is either statute barred or has no signed credit agreement. They're associated with this FV-1 company, and the debt they own is nigh on worthless. They're chancers pure and simple. They're hoping that while the vast majority of people will laugh at a £20'000 demand, a small handfull of poor suckers will run out and remortgage their house to get rid of this "debt". They have a series of
  11. So getting back to the original question hehe, do you lot think there's much likelihood of Lloyds ever buying back the debt, or once they're sold to DCA's are they largely passed around to other DCA's?
  12. yeah, it's a few years old but worded in such a way as not to say they haven't got it, more that it's "not available and can't be located at this time" sort of waffle.
  13. It's looking likely, as I asked Lloyds TSB years ago for a copy of my CCA for my own reference (not for a claim), and was told they didn't have it anymore. They've been CCA'd and claim not to even know who I am (at this point - that might change), just waiting for the claims company to CCA FV-1/Global and get back to me.
  14. Hi folks, Full background information posted here:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/201811-lloyds-tsb-global-debt.html To summarise, I have a debt from an old Lloyds TSB loan (defaulted after they refused to pay out PPI. PPI was later refunded via a FOS claim), which I've just found out has been sold to a company called FV-1 in 2006. I don't ever recall receiving a letter from Lloyds TSB informing me of this, but noticed that the paperwork receieved from Lloyds "collecting agents" Global Debt Recovery, had changed from reference "Client: Lloyds TSB
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