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  1. hi there, has anybody out there heard of a company called TH3 Solutions? my wife recived a call 2 weeks ago from a very stroppy, arrogant, patronising man from a mobile phone tellign her she was entitled to about £3.5k worth of PPI insurance refund from when our original mortgage was with gmac (which then got sold onto ME!) they knew ALL her detials, how much we borrowed, how much we owe, how much we pay each month, name, DOB, address as well as ALL my detials. the alarm bells started wringing when they asked her for her credit card detials - the thing is they had the first 8 numbers
  2. hi guys, update time, i got home last night and had recived this letter from S&S who are now sayin that the amended POCs and revisions i made last week (sent rec del) although have been recived well within the deadline, theyre now tryign to say that they re not what was requested.... i have recived this letter... We act for the Defendant in the captioned matter and write further to the Order of District Judge Calnan dated 18 October 2010 (the "Order"). The Claimant has failed to serve Further Particulars of Claim on the Defendant by 4pm on 01 November 2010 as re
  3. perfect thanks slick and SAB for all your help. i have amended the POCs and send them today with a £40 PO to amend the POC with the N224 form i had to submit with amended POCs keep you all updated with any progress cheers pete
  4. bit stuck on the points in red at the bottom regarding the interest?
  5. Claim No: BETWEEN: - -and- Barclays Partner Finance DETAILED PARTICULARS OF CLAIM 1. The Claimant entered into an agreement (“The Agreement”) with the Defendant on 23rd MAY 2008, whereby the Defendant was to purchase an Apple Computer on HP with Barclays Partner Finance providing the loan, Account no 0))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ("The Account"). 2. The Agre
  6. thanks SAB also slick - is it ok for me to re post my amended POCs - i wouldnt mind if you could quickaly cast your eye over them for me? have to have them in by friday many thanks P
  7. Hi slick, thanks again. yes i did use your spreadhseet in post #3, but amended it to include their rate of interest at 15.88% (was this the right thing to do?) i did look in your signature but theres NO link #6 - only goes up to no 3. when i click on the link http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/templates-library/48-bank-templates/121-bookworm the page seems to hang so i cant access the libnk for the template? i cant seem to find these barclays POCS so i cna revise my earlier attempt. really keen to revise this asap. P
  8. hi slick, thanks for your replies, appreciate them and being a fellow Kentish countryman, i was wondering if you could help throw a few more pointers as to how i change the POC? its weird, as the X template i sued for the interest was one from CAG Barclays thread, so that total interest is £49.43 - that's not the daily rate, i dont know how to work that out? but when i spoke to BF they told me the interest rate im being charged is 15.88% so over the course of when i first started receiving penalties i have accrued that amount in interest. as i have made such a pigs ear
  9. hi all, anyone got anything to add? i have been off lately,and need to respond to their last letters, plus i need to serve them some kind of notice for non compliance on the SAR which they have taken the money for and not responded to the SAR request. P
  10. dear all, i was on a train yesterday and received a call from some solicitor who was dealing on behalf of Barclays (it was a very bad line, no pun intended, so it was hard to hear him) suffice to say, his call DID take me by surprise, and i couldn't hear his name nor the name of the solicitors. anyway, h was asking me if i had submitted any more documents/evidence as i said i was going to be...?? instead of answering properly , as i dont know this guy form Adam, i explained i was on a packed train, and if they want to ask me something they have to correspond with me via letter only
  11. cheers for reply slick no i didnt use the BC POCs - i sort of used my own ones form a previsou claim, damn, i hope that was ok to do that - is is worth posting up what i have said in my POC? i am claiming the actual charges and with regards to interest i am using their interest, which is 15.88% - so i used that in the XL calculation sheet for the interest charges. - is that ok to do that too? or should i have done it differently? i have recived back my confirmation letter form MCOL stating that the defendant wihses to defend the whole claim, do i still need to send thru my bund
  12. hi all, latest developements i still havent recived our SAR Requests and its well over 40 days 1. so how do we go about suing them/fining them for non compliance - any threads or links i can be advised on, as non compliance is a serious breech, and i wanna take these to the cleaners. 2. we have both had another letter from crap1 sayign they wont enter into any more dialogue and that they have already sent us the paperwork relating to our account on 3 separate occaisons - FACT what they have sent on 3 separate occasions are 'guarnatted acceptance forms' AKA an Application Form. this
  13. hi guys, thought id quickly update you on my situation with barclays partner finance. after much too-ing and fro-ing and letters/phonecalls i was getting no where with them and they verbalyl said they couldnt waive any of the charges, then backed this up with a letter. so, i decided it was time for MCOL. put a claim in 2 weeks ago for the amount of about £424. recived my letter back from MCOL to say they DO intend to defend all the chargses, its been a few years since i did hsbc/lloyds etc for my bank charges (sucessfully) and i cant remember if this is normal standard practice, and
  14. hi all, been off recuperating so a bit slack updating with latest developements... we have both recived letters form crap1 saying they cant process our SAR becuase we didnt sign the letters, and some rubbish about they cannot process an SAR till they have our signature - im sure this is tosh, but cant remember the letter or template i need to send them to coutner their letter - as they said they cannot process an SAR without a signature - like i said this is tosh, but not sure what i need to tell them? secondly, they are still going on that the 40 days doesnt start till they reciev t
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