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  1. hi did lee tell you that the refund computer is not working ? well that what he keeps saying to me lie i think .
  2. update well got to speak to them today after 4times of ring today thay say that my refund was agreed and its in the post today (lie i think ) but we will see, i will give the till tuesday, ( which tuesday you may ask) me too lol, as we all know thay don't lie and thay all lie strate in bed lol. but still have reported them to the police, T S AND watchdog
  3. ok i can see what you are saying but there so called fees are all over the place some 49.99 and 99.99 149.99 and so on up to 349.00 , and why is it that when you ring them thay lie to you ,ie can not give you the H/O number or address as i will lose my job ? or your refund is in the post (what post) or the names of the pepole you speak to like ben lee dave thay are all the same person , or thay will ring you back (when next year .) thay a super fast in taking your money , but forget to send you your papper work out , and it takes 3-6 months to get your refund sorted so thay say ?????. so in
  4. if The Lending Group and Carter & Carter Financial are looking for a new name i have got the right name for them The ORGANIZED CRIME GROUP.
  5. THERE H/O IS IN BELFAST well so thay say chould be a lie, ho sorry thay don't lie lol
  6. The Lending Group 1st floor manison house stockport sk1 3ua seems a patten here 0800 6528529 08450175119
  7. is the registered company number the same as this one 06399594
  8. that maybe there H/O do you have a number for that address
  9. hi to all lets get this right thay are robbers ,thay will just take your money and will not give you a loan nor send you any papper work , i have been on the phone to them twice day givening them s--t i speck to ben , lee , dave and now a new one shaz ,thay are all con men and will not give you your money back.
  10. hi paul thanks for the info got some more for you ,Carter & Carter Financial Ltd is the same as the The Lending Group ,the number you ring is a free phone 0800 6528529 but as form sat thay have stoped picking it up , hmm so i done some diging around and found a 2nd freephone number 08005878519 so as form now i will use this one to give them s--t. i will send you my details by email.
  11. hi all we all need to report them to the TS police and your banks to stop them from doing this to a lot more pepole , plus we all need to keep ring them , i have for the last 4 days none stop asking for a refund , i have been useing there freephone number 0800 6528529 and been asking them to put me though to the admin office or ask for lee , thay will say you have to ring a diffrent number (but say no you can put me though on this number). hope this helps;)
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