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  1. Thank you for the reply nicklea, yes it does seem funny that they have sent this normal post, they will have no idea when and if I ever received it.
  2. Cheers balster, Mine has been left blank for some reason. Regards Seasider1956.
  3. Hi Nicklea Thanks for the reply, but I am going to sit this out at the moment and if they make me bankrupt so be it. I am skint so they will still get nowt, and my credit file is trashed anyway. I was thinking of making myself bankrupt, but almost had another heart attack when i found out how much it would cost. So I might as well let Cap quest pay for it. Most people I have spoken to who have gone down this route, seem to eventually come up smelling of roses anyway. Take care Seasider1956.
  4. Hello mould. On 10th march they contacted me with a slip in an envelope asking me to send proof of income which I did and sent recorded. Only replies I received were letters asking for payment, so wrote asking them to freeze interest, but got no reply. Received maybe fifteen phone calls a day. Sent telephone harassment letters. Sent CCA request on 19th March 2009. More threatening calls, but no mention of my payment offer. Default notice on 22nd June 2009. Loads of Moorcroft letters. Letter saying account closed on 8th October 2009. Then anothe
  5. Hello Balster, sorry to butt in but does yours have a Court named on the demand?
  6. Could someone help me with the question above regarding leaving the Court address of the Stat demand. Are they allowed to do this.
  7. Sorry I forgot to add, that this Statutory demand came in the post on normal mail, so how would they know when I received it? I thought it had to be handed to you in person!!!! Or am I wrong.
  8. Hello the Mould The debt was assigned in December 2010 I wrote to Aqua on 24th February 2009 stating that I could no longer keep up the repayments, I also sent them proof of my Incapacity benefit, War pension etc. I also offered to pay £10 per month. But they deemed fit to ignore all this and have hounded us since. We have had letters from loads of different DCC over the past two years. The above default notice was looked at by someone on here and I was told it was defective, as they had not given me enough time to remedy. In light of the defective notice I was in
  9. Thank you for the reply, I will do that tomorrow. But are they allowed to leave the Court adress blank, how would I apply to have it set aside if I do not know what court to apply to? Would I be better of just to let them make me bankrupt, as I have no assets and you cannot get blood out of a stone. Regards Seasider1956.
  10. Hi all, Have just received a stat demand from cap quest regarding a debt they bought from Aqua for a credit card debt. The origanal default notice from Aqua was faulty as they did not allow enough time to remedy. This demand gives me 18 days to applt to the court to have set aside, but no court adress is given? that bit has been left blank!!!!!!! I will try and post up the documents. Regards and thanks Seasider1956
  11. Many thanks for the reply 42man. We cannot 100% say we did not have the internet then, and the wife has no recollection of applying online. But surely if someone applied online they would then send an agreement in the post to be signed and returned, and then issue a card? Can anyone help with this? Regards Bob.
  12. My wife has been chased for two years by Vanquis, who failed to supply a CCA. They then sold the debt to Cabot who also failed to send a CCA but sent a Blank application form and terms and conditions. But this morning have sent what they say is a digital signiture from 2005, and I don't think we even had have the internet then. Can these be used as a valid CCA? Any help would be appreciated. Regards Bob.
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