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  1. My wife visited Iceland store and she forgot to buy a ticket. Received today an 'invoice' for £60/£100 as ANPR detected our car for a 37 min stay without a ticket. I am the registered keeper although it was the missus driving. Please any advice to appeal this PCN would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a copy of the pcn
  2. I had previously spoken to them after i got my cheque but they said that i had had arrears hence they deducted the £2k. i later found this letter afterwards. Should i speak to them again of complain via FOS.
  3. it reads June 2010 Dear Mr XXXX, Loan Account Number: XXXXXXXXX I refer to the above loan account and would confirm that your account has now been paid in full. If you have any queries in this matter, please do not hesistate to contact me. Your sincerely Manager
  4. hi chaps.. i appealed through FOS when DL (RBS) turned down my claim.. they finally settled just under £5k but they kept £2k saying the my acc was in arrears. I did a F&F settlement in 2008 of £20k to pay the £22k debt. i have a letter from DL in 2010 confirming my loan acc had been paid in full. Can I contest the £2k they are witholding from me. Anyone who can help will be most appreciated.
  5. hey guys just about to start chasing up a claim with directline myself see my thread here. could i ask for a pm of the template of the letter(s) you sent to directine as well
  6. i have used a simple interest calculator and come up with this amount ppi- £3740@ 8% over 72 months interested i will be claiming- £1795.20 total ppi + interest claimed= £5535.20. is this correct?
  7. hi folks.. finally received copy of my agreement form and just as you guessed dlfs added ppi to the loan i took out. so i want to start my ppi claim. i may need some help calculating how much i am owed by them. here are the figures: Loan- £13k loan payment protection premium- £3740 total amount of loan- £16740 total charge for credit (interest)- £5282 total amount i had to pay £22022 APR- 10% monthly instalments- £305 x 72mths (over 6yrs) agreement started 07/07/04
  8. thanks for the info AA. when i send the SAR is it better to send a cheque or postal order and is it payable to RBS or i should leave it blank...
  9. hi AA.. i hope its not cheeky of me to ask for a copy of your draft (all your personal details deleted of course) of the SAR you sent to DLFS/ RBS
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