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  1. The barcCays co uk site appears to be inaccessible now ... which is nice.
  2. Just to say that Lowell tried to frighten me with letters mentioning Scottish collectors keen to travel hundreds of miles to doorstep me. I ignored everything until I received an LBA from someone nearby (Weybridge area). I sent them a request for paperwork, they failed. MAtter ignored since and now all wiped from my records as out of time. Many thanks to CAG and advisory members for support and assistance with understanding the crock of **** they call credit laws. Well over £10,000 not paid to crooks. R E S U L T !! bye all.
  3. This matter is ended, the debt has been removed … they realised I was 'doing them' when I sent the CCA request - quote "Oh no, you're not gong to default it, are you?" was the moan from the operative on the phone. All done and dusted, £5k not paid out, thanks CAG.
  4. Hi Crotalus, This is one of the worst tales of bullying and despicable behaviour I have ever read. Truly appalling. I send [[big hugs]] all round to you and your family, that's all I can do to help at this point. Sue them until they glow ... Wishing you plenty of power in your elbow. I'm sure you'll find pro bono, 'tis a piece of cake surely? I will provide some publicity where I can. FB for sure. tch tch tch [shakes head] [rolls eyes] XX
  5. Not a peep since they stopped collecting. This matter will die on time since I no longer acknowledge any debt in this matter. Result.
  6. 120000? I know they like to use estimates all the time ... Can't stand 'em.
  7. Mercers are part of Barclaycard. They pretend to be another collector but because they are wholly owned (it's not a real company, just the name) it hasn't left BC's hands. A default notice issued by Mercers is unlikely to be a real one, but likely to be an invalid one on grounds of wrong layout etc. After Mercers it may be Calder Financial, who are owned by Mercers in their turn. I would suspect unlawful transfer occurs when it goes to an outside collector company who insist you no longer deal with Barclaycard. The general style there is 'threatograms' and bluster and a pretense that they
  8. Hiya! The above letter is an obvious attempt to get you to give them some money. They would LOVE you to give them some money. Don't bother. Take no notice of it, they are just begging you now. Cheers, LL
  9. I've been getting a lot of calls from some woman at Callder Finance who thinks it is polite to call me by my first name just because BC say I owe them 10k. HA! Silly BC without their paperwork to hand ... I was getting into being really pleasant and small talking for ages and then refusing to do DOB for 'security' but after a few weeks I got bored. Then for a few weeks I just took the calls and waited quietly for the sounds of their call center to be replaced by the bleep of their auto-dialler deciding the line was dead and so cutting THEM off mid-inbreath. Costs them something to get tha
  10. I think you will find that they are NOT entitled to take your benefit. :eek: I can't locate the regulation but will try to do so before anyone else helps out! Cheers, LL
  11. Mercers is flagged as dormant because Barclays Bank plc t/a Barclaycard want to reserve the name. Meanwhile they trade under it and it is a member of the CSA. It has staff who swear they pay them, so it must be alright then. I think it's simply a way of intimidating people who are in dispute with BC over something. Anything. Their registered address in London (see below) can be found by the Royal Mail, someone there has signed for my letters to them. Some of which were slightly facetious but I don't think they took any notice. MERCERS DEBT COLLECTIONS LIMITED CITYPOINT ONE R
  12. Hello folks, Had a little laugh with Mercers the other day. Usually I'm far too busy, or too ill, to be bothered with answering their phone calls - I either shut them off as a noise nuisance or answer and wait for the computer to connect the operator - at Hello? from a call centre ambience I put the phone down. It's petty, I know, but I'll be damned if I let them harass me, I'd sooner harass them a little and not be bothered ... So the other day I was having that rarest of things, a few minutes peace and quiet and flippin' Mercers called. I missed the call but found it a minute later an
  13. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/dca-legal-successes/169316-john-lewis-cca-struck.html#post1830775 can't comment more, keybd broke yesterday so can cut&paste only! :mad:But thisisthe optionlist… willcome back soon to you.; worry not.
  14. Customers??!?!! . . . . ... ... ..... Laugh? I almost handed my fags round.
  15. There is no moral judgement to be made here. Bob was free to accept the credit and manage the credit and could ask them to reduce his credit limit at any time as part of managing his finances. It's up to him to manage the risks of being exposed to debt this way. Again there is no moral judgement to be made. Bob is free to apply the law to his position, as is the creditor. Because the interpretation of the law rests with the judges, a (presumed trustworthy/honest) 3rd Party each side is able to make a case or defend a case and so devolve judgement to the 3rd party. Again there is
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