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  1. Thanks everyone for your messages of support. Yes I am still ploughing on with my mission against them until I have exhausted every possible avenue. They should not be allowed to get away with treating people like this but it seems like they have the full cooperation of the law and supposed public bodies to protect people from them I contacted my local newspaper about it and they came back to me once and I haven't heard from them since. I will definitely follow up on it with them in the coming months and also contact national newspapers as I think a light definitely needs to be shone on
  2. Hello All, Well the saga continues with Goodwillie and Corcoran. I tried complaining to my local councillor and he was completely ineffectual, basically just obtaining copies of the same letters the council sent to me and saying there is nothing he can do and that I should complain to the Local Government Ombudsman and speak to the citizens advice bureau/a solicitor. Complete waste of time. So I have sent a letter to the Ombudsman who are currently investigating my case but they are saying that if the court decided there was no case for the bailiff to answer then there may be nothing
  3. I was wondering if anyone can assist me in reclaiming charges on my student loan? I don't so much want to reclaim them but to request for them to be removed. Some arrears occurred because of a delay in deferring the payment, I sent in documentation to prove I was not working at the time so eligible for deferrment but I was waiting for my job seekers claim to go through so I had no official docs confirming my status so the SLC refused to defer the loan until they received suitable docs and arrears accrued in the meantime. I set up payments to clear down the arrears but had to cancel them a
  4. Update on the current situation - with xmas and new year I hadn't quite got round to writing my follow-up letter requesting full refund of the repair fee. Well this Monday the damn fridge decided to pack up again Both fridge and freezer not working, all food ruined that I wasn't able to cook/eat. I suspect it is the thermostat that has gone again. I did raise an issue when the new one was installed about the fridge freezing when the thermostat was only set to 2 and whether it was working correctly. The engineer assured me that this was all perfectly fine - total BS as I suspected. S
  5. They were initially helpful to begin with but the last time I spoke to them they were telling me I don't have much hope without an independent report from a technician confirming that the thermostat failing after 2.5yrs was not normal wear and tear - however the appliance has already been repaired by a Comet engineer I didn't get an independent report 'cos Comet insisted I HAD to use their own engineer.
  6. Yeah I figured they were trying to just fob me off, so what next now send them a letter declining their offer, requesting full refund or court action (for the 3rd time!)? I will have to get on to Which to see if I can get a hold of their report on manufacturers estimations of their product lifetimes and also get the details of the BEKO managing director so I can quote him as an expert witness in my case.
  7. What is the EU Directive is there somewhere that I can find the details of this? I was under the impression that the sale of goods act offered greater protection than the EU Directive?
  8. OK so after a number of letters back and forth with the Comet director I have now been offered a £49 refund on the £99 repair fee I paid as a 'gesture of goodwill'. I am still not entirely happy about this as I wanted a full refund as I believe the goods were not of satisfactory quality and did not last a reasonable length of time hence I should have been entitled to a free repair. Not sure whether to take this offer to keep on pushing for a full refund. They are probably trying to fob me off. Your thoughts people?
  9. How do you request the manufacturer to appear as an expert witness? I tried to contact the manufacturer of my fridge for details on reliability but they point blank refused to supply any info, would be good if there is some way of getting them to give their opinion in court. Please advise. Thanks
  10. Hi Nannyjen, Did you arrange for Comet to come and assess your fridge freezer? Any joy?
  11. I'm going to write Comet one final follow up letter then get onto Which about the report to take things further.
  12. Yes I will be very interested to see if this comet guy comes back on this, I will be very interested to hear his response. CC'ing in Watchdog, Trading Standards and Which is a good idea although I have already e-mailed my case to watchdog. What should I write in the letter 'copies have been forwarded to Watchdog, Trading Standards and Which or just put a small cc note at the bottom of the letter? I am going to e-mail Which to ask them about getting a copy of their report on home appliance longevity. Perhaps I should write to a newspaper as well, I already e-mailed the guy at the Guardian
  13. Yes and no, mine was freezing things in the salad crisper regardless of whether they were towards the back or front of the fridge. I had the temp set at 2.5 as this was the only setting that would stop this happening previously but now since the thermostat change it is freezing things at 2.5 as well. The engineer that came to look at it told me what sounded like a BS story about how I need to put stuff in the freezer ice tray to prevent too much cold air circulating at the top of the freezer and transmitting the cold through to the bottom of the fridge - rigggghhhhht! He also mentioned that he
  14. ^ But that is just the thing - I have had to pay for the thermostat to be fitted it has not been fitted free of charge by the retailer. They effectively conned me into paying their £99 fixed repair fee on the premise that it was the only way I would be able to get a refund if the appliance was found to be faulty and not due to me damaging it in some way. They told me that if I got an independent person to repair the fridge they would not cover the repair costs if found to be faulty as they only accept the word of their own engineers. Low and behold I have paid their rather costly fix fee and
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