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  1. My apologies. When you said "local debt collection" I was trying to understand what you meant by "local." I now assume you meant local in the UK and not local in Canada. I'm just trying to get reassurance that it wont affect my Canadian credit as I want to buy a house next year. And you've reassured me so thank you very much. This obviously isnt the idea solution but with the pound dropping in value I'm having to find more dollars to cover it and unfortunately it's just crippling me here.
  2. Just a couple more questions.... A local one in Canada or UK? Has it effected your Canadian credit? Are your parents recieving letters at their address? I don't want to screw up both credit files and I don't particularly want my mum ringing up telling me some Goon has tried to take her stuff
  3. Wondering if you have any updates on this? Been in Canada for 3 years - been paying back UK debt and SLC. Its crippling me with the currency conversion.
  4. This is with Experian.. There are 3 searches made by Lowell but all are unrecorded enquiries. For some reason equifax never lets me set up an account so I just go by experian.
  5. Thank you=o) They have not put a default on their yet and I do not want them too. So to avoid this should I contact them and pay?
  6. Also.. Quick add on... I have not had any communication with them yet.. As their address for me is an old one and the letter was forwarded on to me. If I do not communicate with them, can they still put a default on my account? As I would not have actually defaulted on any payment plan?
  7. Hello.... Im a little confused and need a little help. On 03/11/09 I had a default on my account from Vanquis of £407. I have now recently checked it and it has gone!! Obviously this is a good thing.. But I now have a letter from Lowell Portfolio Ltd stating that they have bought the debt from Vanquis and now want the money. Is this why the default has been removed? Are they able to put another default on my account even though one has already been on there for the same debt? Any advice would be great. =o)
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