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  1. Electronic Cigarettes are one of the best inventions of the century!
  2. Someone willing to do your job for lower pay, in this climate Business needs must. Its the nature of the beast I'm afraid. Take a nice pay off and take your skills to another company.
  3. They have been a bit naive to say that you wouldn't have fitted in, they could have just said that another person got the job due to their having better skills for the role. Doesn't sound the place you'd wan't to work anyway. I had it happen to me once during the interview I was formal and "proper" but it turned out that they wanted someone with a sense of humor. Of course I am the office joker once im in post, but it just didn't seem right to act a clown in a job interview!
  4. Violence isn't going to solve the problem, it never does. How was you being paid? If it was £100 day for example and a day was 7.30 to 4.30 and you leave at 3 then surely you've have done them out of an hour n half.
  5. It's annoying when companies change their policies, and I guess in this case the matter is kind of out of the companies hands as if their insurance wont cover people unless they have a full driving licence, then in effect the company would be breaking the law by letting your husband continue to drive as he wouldn't be insured. It's not unusual for Insurance companies to have certain rules, most have to be aged 21 or over to be able to drive company vehicles etc. As it stands your husband is best to keep up with the lessons to show willing and at least if it comes to the worse he may still
  6. There is no way you can be done for fraud for leaving early from work, as the same could be said for someone who arrives late at work. If you are paid the same amount each week and don't work to a clocking in system then at worse they should have asked you to make the time up. However if you have left the store and locked up early thus losing potential business and causing customers to complain then I guess they are grounds for disciplinary action I would think that the employer may have had a valid reason to check the CCTV if for instance a customer had tried to enter the shop before clo
  7. None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free
  8. I went in today in some nice black trousers and polo shirt, and some poor lady got sent home for wearing culottes.
  9. Official Secrets Act - I don't think so somehow, I can't believe the nerve of you all, its people like you lot who have made the banks go bust and caused the credit crunch. All demanding your charges back and lowering the interest rates in the process. Why don't you just pay the charges like reasonable people? Im going in tomorrow suited & booted and going to lay down some laws of my own on these muppets.
  10. No, no, no, I would have some lovely stories to tell the press on what really happens within the service and just how "justice" is done. If the victims of some on these crimes felt hard done by when the offender was "only given community service" then imagine how they would feel that the person is actually not doing much service to the community at all. Just one question do you consider visible tattoos as "professional image" and do consider flip flops "professional image" ??
  11. Some do, but I am not here to ridicule peoples beliefs, I have only been a member of that forum for a few days and there are some "clued up" people there the same as there is on here. I am sure there are people on here who believe in psychics, ghosts and various gods and religions. They too can be ridiculed on their beliefs. I have seen evidence of people putting the Police and Courts in their place, the same way people on here put Banks in their place. A few years ago people would have laughed if I'd started a forum and said I am going to ask my bank to repay all the charges I'
  12. LOL, I've just read in the paper about a guy getting £10k for unfair dismissal, and he had told his boss to F*** Off. It was given as unfair dismissal as others had done similar and had been treated less harshly. That was in the building trade, probably a private firm. I work for a public service who the press love to get any dirt on. I think they would settle out of court for around £50k with a confidentiality clause.
  13. The main point has been missed by alot of people here, we had a guy from HR down to our office the other week and as we share our office with another department, he said that a mutual agreement for the whole office needs to be put into place, now the other departments manager has refused to enforce this on his staff. This is what is really annoying me. On Wednesday when I was sent home there would have been others in the other department wearing jeans who were not even spoken to. The company rules apply to every member of staff, whats even better is that the majority of the ones who wear jeans
  14. * Shirts are to be collared * Shirt must be ironed - preferably professionally * Polo shirts must be ironed * Shoes need to be in good repair – no worn heels, no sandals * Hosiery must be worn with all shoes * Shoes must be polished * Shirts must be tucked in at all times * Belts must be worn if there are belt loops * Skirts must be of a conservative length. No ‘mini skirts’ * If you have an appointment outside of the office, a coat & tie or nice dress or dress slacks must be worn unless it is extremely hot, then a shirt & tie is OK. Blazers and suit jacket must be se
  15. Actually Stationery is provided by the company so theres no issue, the same as if they provided a uniform then I would wear it.
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