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    that is kinda my point they just think about the targets, not the money behind it or what customers actually want. the only target i think they have on printers is the aftercare which is why thats all they talk about, when i want a printer i want a sales guy to ask me about ink paper, whether my desk big enough to fit it on and if id be interested in a bigger desk, someone that actually thinks about whats gonna happen when i get home
  2. mitch161


    only thing i wish DSGI thought about was the profit of all their products not just aftercare office and norton. printers ink cartridges make the company more money then the aftercare. i mean think about it. £40 printer , the after care is just £10 and yet set of inks are £40 photo paper is £10 and cable is a rediculous £15, and yet all i see when i bought my printer is. "you really really really need the aftercare" no mention of how much i was printing to need an extra set of inks or if my paper supply was low at home and needed a top-up. why have aftercare if half way th
  3. would you ever leave your mobile phone in all day when u use it in the house? i use my phone around the house but i wouldnt dare leave it plugged in and use it like a land line. why, because deep down you know that leaving phone in will over charge and kill the battery. same as laptops. either use on battery or take battery out when you want to use on desk for long periods. ud buy an AA batery for your remote when it fails. ud buy a AAA for your electric razor (mack3) so do same with laptop. a notebook is deigned to be used on the move. meaning notsat at a desk for ho
  4. mitch161


    I have gathered many pieces of information from many sources to know this. under the first year, manufacturer or support package if the system still does not function you can request a replacement after 4 weeks of fault coming to pcworld/ pcperformance, whatever happens, techguys attention. in your case it is 18 months old so now the repair limit time is 6 weeks. well after the February post you wrote, then i believe its time for that 6 week thing they talk about to be used. if only DSGI had the brains. i mean if it was 4 weeks in february they said it would take a further 7 to 10 bu
  5. ok i use to work for royal mail and just by handling certain letters from a certain sorting office you could get an idea of what was inside, i had one fellow colleague that knew which letters were bills which were the chip and pin letters and even he knew which were the dixons group vouchers letter. he did admit on 3 occassions to have "borrowed" the vouchers go into a pcworld store and buy a plasma and few other items under a fake address. ofcourse i reported this up the chain of command and he lost his job along with a current police enquiry going on. ever thought maybe its royal mail
  6. im not a dsgi employee i just have tried the small claims route and afterwords realised the time it took to threaten and stress self out to get company to give me vouchers was longer then just getting it sorted. all i wanted was a working machine. if there was a way of having the small claims bit setup and sorted in lets say 2 weeks then i certainly would have given it a go again if the store not offer a repair or replacement within 2 weeks of it becoming faulty. yes 4 weeks is a long time. but most repairs i have read are done in like 14 days from the repair pickup day. so most of t
  7. its called lazyness and time consuming.. most people find it a great comodity when they have a washing machile they can spend 40 seconds putting clothes in and hey presto worrys over for 40 minutes. but when things go wrong instead of spending extra time doing washing the old fashioned way they prefer to spend 10- minutes driving to shop- 10 minutes queuing up - 20 minutes arguing to fix a machine that the shelf stacker aint trained to fix, and more time on here arguing about how to sort it out while allowing their clothes to pile up. how about just let them repair it the way th
  8. from what u hear the laptop was repaired and not replaced, this wont mess up the finance agreement if you defaulted on payments. and also the repair does come with a 3 month guarantee to help if other issues arrise, they will just send it off, no need to ask for another voucher in those 3 months
  9. ink cartridges are consumables and are thrown away basically, not tested and refunded pretty much immediately. because of weekend they received it thursday, processed refund friday probably and bank received money monday. the printer however needs testing. so again with weekend it might not even be investigated till the monday, may take 7 days to look into and then refund processed after that. if after worse case scenario it not done within 14 days -28 days pressure them to find engineer/investigation report. if it says refund denied due to customer neglect tell them it a opened item
  10. so if it is company policy to not tell the buyer they might need plug-ins to do things . this is illegal? i dont think so. you buy a computer. they sell you a computer. if you ask for a computer and a printer, they sell you a computer and printer. its up to the customer to tell the shop what you want. they are not psychic. computers can do wonderful things, or just basic things. it all depends on your needs. if you said you wanted a computer that can handle printing photos and going on the internet. and they supply you with a computer with enough ram to handle the antivirus
  11. ok when things go wrong don't shout to high heaven and take advice to threaten small claims court. if you actually read the useful guides on here about how to process a small claims court case you have to write to head office stating your intentions of wanting a recission or replacement giving them sufficient time to read, acknowledge and reply to your letter thats 7-14 days if the reply is not satisfactory, writing another letter giving them notice that you wish to proceed with a small claims case, giving them enough time to reply. thats another 7-14 days. ok so if yo
  12. or it could be when you first set up your PC you set it up with admin account.. then three days later got security conscious so put a account that you passworded on 3 days later and realised, whoops you didnt set the time and date right at install.. so changed it to right time and date. hense the difference maybe!!
  13. .... sink and soap will do the job
  14. washing machines are not crucial, laundrettes available in every town and even a sink and soap can do the job. cookers are more essential as it involves cooking food to keep you alive. especially if have disability. If not disabled, mcdonalds is a possibility for the short term, or a vegetarian restaurant. Now then a faulty pace-maker, a iron lung or a dialysus machine would be instant replaced within hours. But a PC is not classed as a essential, its a life style tool. ever heard of pen and paper, cyber cafe's, newspapers, telephones. yes they are old age now in comparison but
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