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  1. The solicitor used the wrong email address. Regards the price, to be fair to him it was a loose arrangement but £400 would get him up to speed and £400 would get them on the back foot was his expression. When the first bill arrived at £480 it matched what I expected then the £360 from my employer as contribution to fees then another £80 invoice to cover what the shortfall in fees cover was. The lost bill of £1800 was only for the first 15days of his representation which was literally getting him up to speed and sending a letter - what I’m trying to say is it’s not at all what he quoted anyway. Why they didn’t inform me it went unpaid is just daft. They’ve been happy to charge interest even when I wasn’t aware of the outstanding bill. thanks for your help
  2. Thanks so much for your reply. The email address used was a simple error of .com used instead of .co.uk I know this because the email was then forwarded to me at a later date (when the case closed) The quote was £400 to understand content and £400 to reply. No hourly rate was agreed. Two people can verify this. I did not know every time he asked me to call him that I was being charged. No running total was provided, I was invoices at the then of their monthly period and I paid what was owed. I’ll check for home insurance cover Thanks again,
  3. Hi all, could anyone offer advice regards this situation. i used an employment lawyer for a workplace dispute. The result of this was me leaving work with a settlement. I paid the lawyer all invoices received. after settling with my previous employer and parting with the lawyer, I was sent an email to tell me the my account with the lawyer was outstanding. it appears the lawyer sent an invoice to the wrong email address. This turns out to be the first invoice ever generated that went unpaid. The next two invoices I paid in full and responded to say it was paid. I was never informed my account had a balance outstanding until everything was settled with my employer. My decisions for settling were based upon the costs of my representation. This new fee changes the landscape of the situation. The bill was for £1800. This was not what was verbally agreed (nothing was put in to writing/contract) nor did I know he was charging £400 per hour of his time. I made an offer to pay £800 this wasn’t accepted (end of Jan 2019) I heard nothing until Oct 2019 when I was sent a 7day demand for full payment of £2100 (interest added) or legal proceeding begin. A claims form was attached without a response pack (albeit referred to as a draft in their letter) I emailed the narrative of the situation to the company again to which I ended the email I won’t respond directly to the company anymore and will have to accept whatever action they take. I now have a claim form and response pack dates 30th jan. I have acknowledge the claim via the online portal and intend to defend. I have written a defence based upon the company contributing to their own losses. And using unorthodox pre-action protocols sending claim forms without response packs. Im happy to post this on the forum. I really need a sounding board on the matter, I have some mental health issues (anxiety/depression), whether it’s partly or because of this I never feel sure of myself an decision anymore. Money is really tight, I will show this on the statement within response pack. I genuinely believed we were squared up, I even verbally asked on more than one occasion whether we were square. The timescale of the missing invoice was for the sept period 2018. I paid Oct (£480), Nov 2018 (£80)periods immediately. On Dec 17th 2018 I was notified of the sept invoice being unpaid. I settled with my employer Dec 5th 2018 (the lawyer recieved £360 from my employer directly, as contribution to my representation) The Oct invoice was consistent with the price he quoted therefore I believed this was correct. The £1800 (sept) rogue invoice is was a complete surprise and one I never could have paid off nor been to prepared to risk for potentially nothing I return. I was exposed to a risk I was never aware of, if a was I would have had to back out immediately however a settlement was offered so I took it based on the fees I was aware of. Many what ifs now that I have no idea what the outcome or route would have been. This literally changes so much yet on a situation that is closed. thanks in advance for any help, really appreciate it
  4. Hi all, a little advice please if there is anyone with knowledge around this. My wife, two children and I live on a private housing estate. We had a letter from our property management group a few months ago that a decision to enforce parkings restrictions has been opposed. Last week we have had UKPC signs go up all around our estate, and a letter requesting we forward our car reg and allocated bay number so that we can be issued 1 badge for our bay and 1 visitors badge. As majority of the residents have two cars, we have had to adjust the way we park by means of utilising space more intelligently than the way the bays have been layed out. This does not obstruct access or cause nuisance. And obvioulsy use visitor bays for our second cars. We could "potentially" play ball with the new arrangements IF some of the visitor bays that were on the site diagram hadnt been allocated to other properties (a plan from solicitors when purchased, not a build plan). Might I had the benefitting properties already have a garage a space in front ot their garage and yet another allocated space away from there property. Without seeing their lease I dont know what they have been truely allocated, myself I have been allocated one space. Where do I stand? Noone I have spoken to wants a PPC operating here or sees the need. Without correction to the imbalance of bays it makes the situation imppossible to obide by the parking rules and multiple parking tickets can be issued during any hour of any day. Im in breech of my lease by having two cars I guess, so are many others. Im parking here so already agreeing to their contract. Loosing sleep over this one, I will be issued multiple fines when ever we are parked, even the second car couldnt use our allocated space when one car is away as the badge wont have the correct details. Sorry for the essay just wanted to paint a picture, please help!
  5. fixed ends and then hit the SVR. home is prob worth what we owe 135000 just. I dont think a 100% LVT self cert mortgage exists so no chance of a remortgage!
  6. I got this figure from kentsington, i called them and asked for the current SVR, so in june my fixed 6.69 rate goes up to 7.2 svr.
  7. we went fixed for 2 yrs at 6.69% which ends in june, it thens goes to 7.2%? How they have that figure when the b of e is at 1% is just a mystery?Thankyou for your posts, are you saying i can negotiate a better rate with them, i havent missed payments yet however everyone has a limit to what they can afford and if the repayments are gonna keep moving up its just a matter of time before it will happen
  8. Hi all, recently i have been researching my lender kensington mortgages as i was expecting to be paying less for my mortgage due to the drop in interest rates. After a phone call to kensington it seems its going up, the current KM svr is 7.2% i have a feeling they add more on this but im just not sure how it works? From what i read about these sharks they just increase the interest rate until you cant afford the repayments, is this an accurate enough description? I know i cant remortgage as im self employed went self cert and have lost all equity in our home due to the downturn in the housing market. In a nutshell im terrified i am now at the mercy of their svr, things are tight as it is, but to think the interest rate is going to keep creaping up i know its just a matter of time before i cant make a payment. If anyone knows if a can or how to negotiate a capped or lower rate i would be so thankful, any advice would be great. For all the stories i have read and tough times you have faced my heart goes out to you all, good luck all! x
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