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  1. Hi All, An interesting question for the group: Can you claim a section 75 refund on a flat deposit if it was paid for by credit card? The situation I find myself in is that I've just left a rented property for one of my own and my landlord isn't paying back the deposit despite leaving the place in reasonable condition. I paid for the first months rent and deposit using my credit card (This was 5 years ago although); is it possible to claim it back via Section 75 of the CCA? Best Wishes, N
  2. No, it's not hurting his ability to get credit as he doesn't want it. He was just doing a check on his credit record and saw it and didn't know what to do about it. An SAR does seem the best way to go; I'll get a letter drawn up today and sent out 1st class recorded! As an aside, once we find out what the default is in relation to, what would be the best way to go about having it removed? Cheers, N
  3. This is the issue, he has no recollection of ever having had anything with a credit agreement over that period time. He has no paperwork relating to such an agreement. I have a template CCA letter, is there anything I need to add/change since I have no reference numbers, account numbers, etc. Cheers, N
  4. Nope, he can't remember ever applying for a credit card, store account, etc; he's staunchly against credit cards, etc, all he has is his mortgage and a current account. Hence why he doesn't have a clue as to what this could possibly be!!! As for the original account, this was opened in 1996 according to the CRA file and the "Date Last Delinquent" gives a day and a month but no year. Just to give you a heads up, my intention was to issue a letter stating he has no prior knowledge of this account and does not acknowledge the debt and to send out a second letter requesting a copy of th
  5. Hi There My apologies, I usually give more information There is no other history on my friend's credit record, just this default registered on 07/05/08 for £154 but with a current balance of £214. As you can see I have very little to go on here! Cheers, N
  6. Hi All, A friend of mine has recently conducted a credit search and has turned up a default that he knows nothing about. I've put together a letter to send to the DCA (Marlin) and was just wondering if it's ok: To Whom It May Concern, A recent search of my credit file has turned up a default for £214 registered against my name by your company. I would like to point out that I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to your organisation. I am familiar with the Office of Fair Trading Debt Collection Guidance which states that it is unfair to send demands
  7. Well, just got the CCA back and it looks enforceable However the debt is stat barred anyway Does anyone have any suggestions on how to word a letter to AK telling them that the debt is stat barred thus unenforceable and to stop place searches against my fiancee's name???? Cheers, N
  8. Got these letters through from AK ands BCW, any one got any thoughts? Also the 14 days for the CCA request, anyone got any idea on how this would apply to the credit searches. Cheers, N letters.pdf
  9. Well just got the standard "Wed don't have this document, we're asking the OC" letter in yesterday!
  10. Yeah, fired them off today Also got this back from Equifax: Dear I am sorry to learn that the response to your recent Notice of Dispute was not satisfactory. I acknowledge your comments; however I must advise that as the company concerned has not provided Equifax with authorisation to amend or remove the disputed information from your Credit Report, this currently remains unchanged. I can only advise that should you wish to query this matter further that you contact the company concerned. Any documentary evidence regarding this information is held by the lender. If howev
  11. Hi Ida These are table 1 searches which do show up on your credit record and have an adverse effect on your credit rating. Ones for unpaid debts stay for two years and are accessble for all who can search your file. As it happens, Equifax say they don't have the permission to remove them; as seen in my attachments (( I've sent the usual don't know this debt letters to Aktiv and BCW and also away to send CCA requests tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone else had any thoughts? Cheers, N
  12. Here are the questions I have sent to Equifax and their responses, any thoughts anyone??? Also included is a "Third Party Response" from Aktiv Kapital; this can hardly constitue written permission to process my finacee's data!!!! Question 110509.rtf Question 150609.rtf Third Party Response 150609.rtf
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