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  1. If the voltage lowers you need more current to use the same power i.e Volts X Amps 250 volts times 4 amps for an Hour = 1 Kwhr 220 volts times 4 amps for an hour = 0.88 Kwhr
  2. I rang them and after about 30 mins they said they would reinstate my free caller display and refund from august when I paid advanced line rental. Not sure whether they had charged for earlier periods. I find it amazing they are prepared to use underhand tactics to get a few more quid. They are going to lose customers if they are not careful . I have had a line with them since 1982 and I shall certainly look into whether to continue when my current contract expires. Did you know that they charge you for not using your phone when you have the 24/7 free calls package. Thats like paying for a train season ticket and being charged for not catching any trains amazing!!!.
  3. I have just been on to them and the best I was offered was a good will jester of the last three months refunded,they wouldnt respond to anything after that.
  4. A big problem that rheumatoid suffers have is when they are first treated they are given old fashioned drugs to try and slow it down,as they dont always work damage continues to the joints,more expensive drugs which have more side effects are then tried which a lot of people cant tolerate so the damage goes on and on.Eventually they may be given one of the anti TNF drugs which in my wifes case slowed furthur progression down.Unfortunatly the joint damage had already been done.Lets hope this new treatment will be used early on when first diagnosed to prevent the irreversable joint damage that occurs.
  5. This gadget wont reverse the joint damage that has already been done,it may reduce the need for some of the high strength pain killers and dmards. From what I read it helps the body to reduce the production of some of the joint destroying antibodies which are responsible for eating the joints away.
  6. My wife had a similar letter,signed by WORK COACH ,she is in the support group.I do believe that they are not entitled to see bank statements if they are on contribution based ESA.Its probably just to put pressure on to get one to come off ESA.Sounds like a different take on asking support group people to go in to see work coach which they donot have to do.Support group cannot be mandated to attend to see work group.In my wifes case they cancelled the meeting.However you have to go in to see compliance officer.
  7. Yes but it can take some time,and the letter you recieve may take a bit of understanding so read it carefully.Good Luck
  8. From what do the know, rom: Tilbury Roy Sent: 04 March 2010 14:06 To: Cc: '[email protected]' Subject: Haringey - Council Tax Court Costs 2010/11 Hi Stephen Please find attached breakdown of the service charges in respect of Council Tax Court Costs. I am looking to increase Court Costs from £95.00 to £125.00. Whilst this was meant to be done for 2009/10, Haringey felt that the increase was not appropriate. You will see from the figures that the actual cost is more than the £125.00 requested. I would like to increase this from the 1st April 2010 and await your approval. Kind Regards Roy Tilbury NNDR & Enforcement Manager 02084891302 So they produced figures were are they.Good luck Rev
  9. The whole thing is farce ,can you not get into the support group?
  10. From the government website, Contribution-based ESA Contribution-based ESA lasts 1 year if you’re in the work-related activity group. You may be able to re-apply at least 12 weeks after your contribution-based ESA ends. You may qualify again depending on: National Insurance contributions you paid in different tax years whether your health deteriorates and you’re placed in the support group There’s no time limit on how long you can claim contribution-based ESA if you’re in the support group.
  11. I believe you are wrong biglesbo,Contributory ESA support group is indefinate,subject only to remaining in the support group after future medicals/decisions.ESA wrag lasts 1 year.
  12. I used to call one of my Gaffers Sir,and as I was known as a trade unionist his reply to me was always how do you spell that John "cur" he obviously had a sense of humour.
  13. I didnt see any mention of this debate on the BBC,
  14. You will find you have to ring ATOS when you get your appointment and ask for the messical to be recorded.They dont take any notice of what you put on ESA50 requesting a recording.
  15. No idea Beatrice Bee,If you are found to have been claiming and working on black market I have heard its a lifetime ban,I know they can ask to see what jobs you have applied for.The unemployment benefit is time limited,Have a look on the Irish Social services web site.Thats were I got that rate info from.
  16. The below is the unemployment rates for the Emerald Isle Jobseeker's Benefit Rate per week Personal Rate €188.00 Increases: Increase for Qualified Adult ( See Note 1) €124.80 Each qualified child Full rate €29.80 ( see note 2) Half-rate €14.90 ( see note 2) Jobseeker's Benefit rates are graduated according to earnings in the relevant tax year. The earnings bands are as follows: Average weekly earnings Personal Rate Increase for a Qualified Adult ( See Note 1) Less than €150.00 €84.50 €80.90 €150.00 and less than €220.00 €121.40 €80.90 €220.00 and less than €300.00 €147.30 €80.90 €300.00 or more €188.00 €124.80 Note 2 You can get an increase of €29.80 for each qualified child if you qualify for an increase for a qualified adult or if you are parenting alone. If you do not qualify for an increase for a qualified adult, you may get a half-rate qualified child increase, if your qualified adult has income of €400 or less a week. Jobseeker's Allowance Rate per week Maximum Personal Rate aged 26 or over €188.00 Increase for Qualified Adult ( See Note 1 ) €124.80 Each qualified child €29.80( See Note 3 ) Maximum personal rate ages under 26 Maximum personal rate aged 25 €144.00 Increase for Qualified Adult €124.80 Maximum rate for a claimant who is 18-24 €100.00 Increase for Qualified Adult €100.00 These rates apply to new claims that are made on or after 15 January 2014. Note 1: If you were in receipt of Jobseeker's Allowance prior to 26 September 2007, you may get a reduced rate increase if your qualified adult has earnings or income in excess of €100.00 and up to €310.00 gross per week, ( see Appendix 1). Note 3: You can get an increase of €29.80 for each qualified child if you qualify for an increase for a qualified adult or if you are parenting alone. If you do not qualify for an increase for a qualified adult, you may get a half-rate qualified child increase. Under 26 rates for Jobseeker's Allowance Persons not affected: 18 to 25 year olds with a qualified child; those making a claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance where that claim is linked to a Jobseeker’s Allowance claim made within the previous 12 months to which the maximum personal rate applied; those transferring directly to Jobseeker’s Allowance from Disability Allowance; persons aged 18-24 years who were in the care of the HSE during the period of 12 months before they reached the age of 18 will not be subject to the reduced rate of €100. The reduced rate of €144 applies to this customer on reaching 25 years. Where a person is in receipt of a rate of Jobseeker’s Allowance applicable to persons aged under 26 (as outlined in the table above) and they participate in a course of education, training, Community Employment, Rural Social Scheme or Tús, the reduced personal rate of payment applicable to that course/scheme applies for persons under aged 26. Where a person is under 26 and has completed such a course of education, Training, Community Employment, Rural Social Scheme or Tús, they will revert to the appropriate age related rate of Jobseeker’s Allowance, if they previously had been in receipt of such a rate.
  17. And a few figures "There is currently widespread anxiety about the the UK National debt which, according to the ONS, stood at £1.084 trillion in November 2013. However, the British government also has a substantial additional burden in the form of pension liabilities, both to its former employees through the various public-sector schemes, and to retired members of the general public through the state pension. Altogether, the UK's public-sector pension liabilities add an extra £1.2 trillion to the governments financial commitments (three-quarters of which are currently unfunded), while the liability for paying the state pension equates to £3.84 trillion. Therefore, these additional liabilities mean that the financial burden which future generations will have to pay off through their taxes is actually over five times larger than the national debt' And no doubt thats labours fault.I dont think so.
  18. Strange nearly all western countries are in the same mess,no doubt thats labours fault as well!.The Tories have been bleating its all labours fault since they werent elected.Strange the deficit has increased conciderably since and nothings improved.
  19. Copy all your medical notes and send them with your esa 50,only send copies not originals.You could peal off the prescription labels and stick them on the other info page so they know what you are taking.You may not even be called for the WCA when they read your notes.Ensure you ask for a recorded medical,you will have to ring them for that when you get your first appointment even if you have put a request for it on the ESA 50.A good site for info on filling the ESA 50 in is thefullfacts as well as the sticky on it here.Good Luck
  20. He has seen the local council benefits advisory people and they are sorting out things with him.I hadnt got a clue as to how things are now days the last time I had to claim anything was 1988 and that lasted all of 6 weeks.From what I have been reading the Job centre have a target of people to sanction and are doing so at every chance despite HMG saying otherwise.There is a letter posted on the net which a manager tells the JCP staff under her that their current level of sanctions are not enough.Anyway thanks again all who responded.
  21. Thanks all for advice I have passed it on,I dont know how long he is likely to be sick ,so I will ask the question.
  22. Blue screen of death ,used to bve very common on earlier versions of windows
  23. Thanks Antone I will advise him to do that. I am mainly concerned about his mental state it appears to have tipped him over the balance, he thinks he may loose his flat because they will have stopped his housing benefit,, I will make sure he doesnt starve but thats all I can really do. I have told him to go to citizens advce . I just dont understand the system now .I presume he can ask for a formal recon anyway wether he applies for ESA or not, I believe he has submitted his Sicknote or fit note what ever its called now days despite them asking him not too which still puzzles me. Why would they ask him not too?.
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